50 Words Stories

1. He Looked Up

He looked up.
We won’t know the many possibilities of what could have happened if he had not looked up.
His life could have remained unchanged and he would live on without ever knowing what could have been.
But nothing will ever change the fact that he did look up.

2. Nosey Affair

I look around at the other people in the room and I can tell, judging by the looks on their faces. Which I bet matches my own facial expression, someone lets out a loud groan, they can also smell it, the mouth-watering, stomach clenching aroma of beautiful well prepared food.

3. Mouth Drop

Oh my gosh.

I can’t believe it, this can’t be happening.

I think of all I have done forehand before getting to this point in time and I still can’t figure out how this is even possible.

How did I mouth drop the secret I’ve been safe guarding for years.

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