The bartender places another drink in front of me. I didn’t ask for another and can’t he see that I am drunk enough.

“I don’t want another.”

I say to the bartender, who I am having a hard time knowing which him is the real one.

“That lady over there bought it for you.”

I look over at the side he is pointing at, I see a woman further down and all I know is she’s looking at me. I nod to the bartender, pick up the drink and raise it towards her direction and nod at her.

Mazel Tov! I say to myself and drown the drink in one gulp. I’m not even Jewish.

I hate being drunk and intoxicated. I’m always chasing that feeling of abandonment, so I can get to the point when I don’t even know what I am doing anymore, but I never find it. I can only drink myself impaired and unable to walk straight. The only good thing is I sleep peacefully.

I let the drink sink in, before I stand up ready to go home and to my bed. I had had more than my quota for the night.

I stand up and my legs all but gives out. I laugh bitterly, this is a first. I feel a soft hand and I can see the shape of a woman trying to help me up. I’m too pathetic, and the woman has taken my man card away from me.

With her help, I’m able to get up and she assists me, both of us shuffling to the exit. I’m feeling very different from usual. I’m way too weak and drowsy, and any minute now, I know I’m going to blackout.

“John, you should know better than to accept drinks from strangers.”

I don’t remember introducing myself to this woman. I try to get out of her hold, but her hold on me tightens. I’ve been setup somehow.

My past has caught up with me and now I am going to pay for it. I feel my consciousness slowly being robbed from me.

The inspiration for writing this, Liquor by Chris Brown.

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