I loved watching this video. Aside from the fact that I loved Wanna Be by Spice Girls when I was little and still listen and get my groove on to it till today. I love the remaking of the video! Especially to fit the cause for women empowerment and gender inequality women face. People will be encouraged to share pictures with the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant for girls and women, which will help the world leaders make informed decisions during the next United Nations General assembly.

Putting this people M.O, Seyi Shay, Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson. I love these girls and women, every single one of them are so talented and passionate about what they do, that I can’t help but to be awed by them.

M.O, is one of the most underrated talented girl groups in the music industry right now. You should watch YouTube videos of them just singing song covers and you’ll instantly fall in love with their voices, not only do they have beautiful voices, but I love every single thing about them and I can never not stress on their dressing style, it’s epic.

Seyi Shay is a popular Nigerian female music artist and her voice is ever so good and her music videos true work of arts and passes on a message. She is my #1 best Nigerian female artist, no one can take her spot, not even Tiwa Savage.

Taylor Hatala (13) and Larsen Thompson (15), lord these girls are like the best dancers in my opinion and they are so so so good. I literally rush to watch any new video they put up on YouTube cause watching them dance gives me so much joy and also feel old, talent-less and unaccomplished with my life and I’m just 20 lol.

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