Troye Sivan

I would never have gotten on his radar maybe until this month cause of Alessia Cara. But thanks to my friend Mo’ who was like I should give him a try because he was so in love with Happy Little Pill, back when it came out and together we fangirled about Troye, till we stopped speaking 😦 but my love for Troye didn’t die like our friendship did and you all should get on his radar, he is so good and his videos (non-music videos also) just take me away.

This trilogy videos got me bawling my eyes out, it’s such a tragic story and the last video is tricky… what’s your theory? All this song are under the album Blue Neighbourhood and it’s quite the story, it’s very expressive and it’s all Troye.

Youth! I fell in love with this song first on Blue Neighbourhood, then came Blue, Fools, Wild, Swimming Pools… I can go on.

And now my favourite song, that gets my emotions running and a video that just brings out all my emotions, sigh. I truly love him honestly.

– disclaimer – I own only the words I typed.

2 thoughts on “Troye Sivan

  1. Babe, I completely fell in love with you after reading this post and your book reviews. I 😆😍😅💕💞 TROYE SIVAN. His music, voice, videos and the heart wrenching stories they tell. I appreciate your style of writing, the site’s pastel coloured floral theme and unique content. Keep it up! I’m delighted we met.

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