To The Very End.

My beloved facial expression is the exact mirror of mine, an adoring gaze aimed at the other, breathing hard trying to take in as much air as our lungs can possibly take. Despite this, there’s a solemn atmosphere that has quickly settled and come to stay with us.

My heart is drumming a raging beat, how did we end up here? Trying to pinpoint the precise moment fate changed everything.

Where do we go from here? I ask my beloved although we both know the answer to this question.

I can feel the ground vibrating below my feet, I know they are near and we will soon be discovered. It’s funny, you would think when hunting down rogues, aren’t hunters meant to be as stealthy as possible, to have the element of surprise on their side?

Taking the hand of my beloved in mine, the drumming of my heartbeat increases and I feel a slice of fear grip my being, but it instantly disappears when my beloved squeezes my hand reassuringly and I do the same, both of us drawing strength from the other.

Any minute now, we will be discovered. We can hear the harsh panting and whining of the hounds, brought to follow our scents. The sound of twigs, being crushed as they’re hastily stepped on. The hounds start barking and I know they have arrived “I see them!” I hear one of our hunters shout and I know it is time.

Tears waiting to fall are in the eyes of my beloved who wears a smile so sad, it breaks my heart. I manage to muster a sad smile of my own, nodding my head.

Tightly grasping our hands, we look back at our hunters. The hound’s snarl, growling at us and the humans look wary, pensive and ready to pounce on us.

We are where we are meant to be and this is where our story ends. Together we lift our legs and step forward into the air, never letting go of each other as we fall into nothingness.


Copyright © Lara Kareem 2016

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