November Fairyloot Unboxing! 

It’s here, it arrived on Thursday, but I’ve been super lazy and busy. Had no time for blogging, because I have to get serious with my final year project (thesis?) So Fairyloot is super beautiful, with all these awesome goodies inside the box, it’s such a delight. I’m still heartbroken that I didn’t get the September box though, but this one is quite awesome also.


So, the first thing anyone who gets a Fairyloot box sees when the box is open, is a flyer/poster, with the image of the theme of the month and behind it, is the run down of all the items in the box. I think it’s called the “Insider”


Tote Bag designed by Lovely Owls Books

I saw this amazing tote bag next, I must say I wasn’t even expecting it. The quote “That I Will Bow Before No One and Nothing But My Crown” is from A Court of Mist and Fury, by the popular Sarah J. Maas.


Ceramic Mug designed by Read at Midnight

I am awfully happy, about this mug! It says “Queen of Books” It would be so awesome drinking tea from this mug while reading novels in front of my school mates, it just says I slay! (update, some months later, the handle detached and the cup landed on my dog, safety hazard)


Scented Spectorium Crystal Soap designed by Crafty Ragamuffin

Oh My God! This Scented Spectorium Crystal Soap, is not only beautiful but smells so wonderfully, edible and nice. I think I spent a whole five minutes just sniffing in the goodness. (update, not really foamy)


Notepad designed by DropandGiveMeNerdy

This is the cutest! “Queen of Terrasen” it’s a micro-mini notepad, I guess I’ll be using it to make lists and little notes to people. I love love love the design! Only if it was bigger though.  I just found out this is from A Glass of Thrones, I’m not the biggest Sarah J. Mass, fan and I haven’t finished any of her books, I only started one anyway. (Update, it’s so tiny, I didn’t know when I misplaced it)


Royals & Rogues Tea by  The Tea Leaf Company!

I love tea, tea is way better than coffee in my opinion. So obviously, this has been designed especially for this box, hence the packaging. I’m excited to try this tea out! Plus the wonderful people at Fairyloot did something thoughtful, including tea filters, for those of us who don’t like messy tea!


Pocket Mirror designed by Bookworm Boutique

I’m happy about this beautiful mirror, it came right on time, my other mirror just broke, but I’m going to treasure this one, with everything in me. There is a quote on the back of the mirror which reads. “My Queen is Without Limitations. Boundless In All That she Does.” which is from The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh (current book I’m reading)


The Letterings is by Lovely Owls Books & The illustration is by Book Otter

I’ve never heard of this author before, so I obviously don’t know the book the quote is from and it’s not even mentioned, but upon further research, I find out it is Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. I may be reading this book in future, if I ever come across it, I won’t hesitate to buy it.



I haven’t read this book because I immediately got bored when I started the first few pages, it’s on a list of books I may never read, but this Art Print is beautiful and well done. It’s a .gif file because it’s back and front, the art print I mean.



The Book of the Month is Nemesis by Anna Banks. I’ve never heard of her before, so I’m happy to have a book of hers. It’s the first in a series full of magic, mythical creatures, mysteries and romance! Right up my ally. and the cover isn’t it beautiful! I really love it, can’t wait to have time to read it. The book came inside the Fairyloot book drawstring bag, which is the cutest and also in the bag along with the book is a bookmark, with the book cover as a design, a letter from Anna Banks, which is quite tough to read, a signed template, a sketch of one of the creatures in the book and the Fairy Scoop, which is kind of a behind the scenes, author interview, some tips and other interviews.

I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise for anyone, I’m super sorry if I did. I’m thrilled about receiving the box and the items in it, so I think the Royals & Rogues box was a huge success! Sadly I’m not getting the December box, which includes a mystery Funko! I really want a Funko, but I made a promise and I have to keep it. There are still some boxes available, so head over to, before it finishes!


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