A Day I’ll Never Forget

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I woke up as early as 5AM, just because today is registration day for prospective NYSC 2017 Batch B Corps. Okay, I woke up that early truly because I had to pee, but being the worrywart that I am, I couldn’t go back to sleep, because I couldn’t get my head and mind to shut up…


What is NYSC, as explained by Wikipedia “The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an organisation set up by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country. There is no military conscription in Nigeria, but since 1973 graduates of universities and later polytechnics have been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps program for one year. This is known as national service year.”

24th of October they said and by 8AM, the portal for online registration isn’t even open, as, at 7AM, I got a text saying it would open tomorrow on the 25th and so I was asleep gladly. Then I wake up randomly a bit past 9AM, and I see a message that the portal is open and it was just a rumour, and that’s how the stress of a day started for me.


I did the first part of the online registration, quite quickly. Then came the issue of thumbprint & taking my first picture, so had to boot out of my house to the internet cafe that promised me they got NYSC registration covered. LIES. They didn’t have it covered. I wasted two bloody hours there while they “were setting it up” and another one trying to make it work, then I look into the thumbprint scanner, and the bloody thing has a scratch inside, like how will my thumbprints ever be right? The owner was now complaining that I wasn’t pressing my thumbs hard enough on the scanner, not accepting that whoever sold her the scanner, gave her a bad one.


I used this before we found out Kevin Spacey is terrible okay, and the expression captures my feelings very well, so allow it.

By now it’s almost 1PM, and I’ve not done anything since I left my house, then I find out that the portal has crashed and all access to the website is futile. Annoyed but still confident I boot it out of there and lucky enough for me, my friend provides me with the address and number of another internet cafe just down the street.

I get there, and there’s a queue, in fact, everyone is just seating and looking gloomy, there are two people who are meant to be helping with the registration and none is around. Where are they? They went to buy an external webcam, cause it’s not accepting the preinstalled on one the laptop.

By this time, I’m like let me quick dash out so I can quickly have my bath, eat and hydrate myself, and so I went home. By this time, I’ve gone home like three times already, so I’m a bit sweaty and really in need of a bath. Then it starts raining hard halfway home. I’m holding my phone, money and debit card, not wanting them to get ruined, destroyed etc. by the rain. I put my phone and debit card under my armpit, and I walk calmly in the downpour because I don’t want anything to fall without me knowing. But it was a waste because…

Somehow my debit card ended up dropping.


When I got home and found out, I grabbed an umbrella and went out in the massive torrent to search for it, not even up to five minutes later. But it was nowhere to be seen, and I just knew the stream of rain carried it away, or it probably fell into a gutter. So I had to block the card, and I’m not getting a new one because it expires next year, I can wait till it’s expiration month. The only issue is that my other debit card sucks balls, cause I can’t do online transactions. I think I’m going to cave soon and request a replacement, knowing me.

I make my way home two more times before I quit for the day and I just know I got one hell of a workout today for nothing. Cause even though I spent all day out waiting and trying everything, nothing worked, couldn’t do anything, and that just made an already crappy day end on a sour note.

But despite my day being sour, I feel very calm and okay. Albeit a bit stressed because I’m a worrywart who likes being prompt with the things that have deadlines in my life. I have an exquisite feeling about tomorrow, and I just want it to be a success so I can finally get my life and my room back to other.

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Key Note on Capturing Image on the Biometric Application.

If you’re having issues with capturing your image on the biometrics application, all you need to know is find an off-white background. Well, a background that will let your face shine brightly like a diamond, where your face is the focus, and the environment fades out to a dim white. All the rubbish messages, such as your head is too forward, backward, up or down, etc. don’t matter as long as your face shines, your face is brightly illuminated compared to the background and the image is bright. That’s all.

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Hi, how have you been? Love posts, you’ve been putting out, (if I subscribe to you) didn’t see a comment from me? But I read it and assimilated your words. Thank you for reading about my dreadful day. Lots of love.

Lara Kareem

12 thoughts on “A Day I’ll Never Forget

  1. I think Nigerians and online registration isn’t smooth alright…
    Cos it’s actually supposed to make the job easier.. But it makes it harder…
    Back then in school, we do online course registration, after that we would still register manually, so what’s the point.
    Thank God mine wasnt that difficult… Once the school has graduated you, be sure the school would submit your name for NYSC. so after all these stress one goes into camp for more stress???? Biko I Kent deal….
    Thanks dear for sharing.. Reminded me of my NYSC days

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  2. Oh my.. And i thought mine was stressful. I travelled back home form school (ondo state) to abuja that day …immediately went to the cyber cafe and did mine, although there were a few delays because of the overload on the site.. It was not that stressful but i had to go back because they rejected my first passport.

    Liked by 1 person

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