Stalking Exes, Yay or Nay?

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There’s something I do and it is kind of lowkey. It is stalking my exes via social networks, because in this age of social media, it is quite easy to keep up to date with an ex, well as long as the so-called ex has an online presence.


I know some of you are probably wondering why would I stalk my ex? Many people always come out of their relationships with a lot of negativity, but I always try to end my relationships on good terms. I’m not saying I’m buddies with my exes, but we are civil towards each other, we can still hang out in public spaces if we somehow are in the same location together, and wish each other happy birthday, and on special holidays pass on greetings, which can lead to small talk. The end.

I’m only human, and my exes once upon a time were very important people in my life. So sometimes I just want to check how they are doing? or I’m just plain old bored. It’s the same as stalking old people, you were once friends with and fell out with or stopped talking to for one reason or the other. It doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on.

It’s mainly to see the differences that have occurred in their lives since it was called quits. My point is there are many different reasons why someone would stalk an ex, and no one should feel bad or guilty for doing so.


Anyway, it’s quite easy for me to stalk my exes. Even the ones I don’t follow or have on any social networking platform because majority of their accounts are open to the public or I never removed them (some I did, out of pettiness). It’s really a bummer though when I want to stalk via Twitter or Instagram and I find out the account is private.

FaceBook is a good stalking ground, especially if they are active and you added each other. But I don’t really use FaceBook aside for promoting my blogs page, so my recent exes are rarely ever my friends on there, such a sadting.


If you do stalk your ex, ensure that it isn’t bringing or stirring up negative and toxic feelings in you. Make sure it’s not causing you emotional turmoil because if it is, you need to block and delete your ex from your life because you’re not helping yourself move on.

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Do you sometimes find yourself going through your Ex’s social network platform? Why are you there? What are your feelings on this topic? Really would love your own opinion.

Lara Kareem


22 thoughts on “Stalking Exes, Yay or Nay?

  1. So .. my last and only relationship was when I was 16/17 (3months), I just turned 23 so it was 6 years already… Although it was long ago and didn’t lasted long, it was hard on me. No need to lie here, I totally did xD it lasted quiite a while, until end of 2017 where I “accepted” that I may actually be apart of the ace spectrum. and you know what ? I actually don’t wanna have a relationship. at all. I have my two dachshunds and I am feeling good and happy – I dont wanna be stuck in something forced.. I see my friend struggle too much with her fiancé for me to wanna go through .. Since then I don’t ! 🙂
    Was a very good end of year for 2017, who didn’t started as good.


  2. Stalk my ex, nope. Not in the past 2 years. Exes were once important people but they why I see it, they aren’t anymore and my time is better spent on other things. I wish them well but thier life and updates just aren’t my concern. I firmly endorse blocking too. I font consider it petty


    • Damn. How did I hit send???? Urgh. Anyway, I think blocking is a personal moral responsibility. If you feel the need to do so, do it and have your peace.

      Great post talking about something that’s often taboo.


  3. I’m best friends with my ex 😛 a lot of people in my life think it’s really weird… I can see how looking them up on social media could have a negative impact on you, especially if you still have feelings for them and they’re dating someone else :/


    • Very negative impact, especially when a person is already insecure. No that’s awesome, being best friends. I’m happy for you, that the relationship worked out and turned into something more beautiful. I know you guys aren’t together anymore 🙂


  4. I occasionally will go through friends that I have long ago parted ways with facebooks or twitter feeds. Part of me wants to know if they are still the terrible person I remember them being when I stopped being friends with them or if they’ve grown up. One has grown up, the other is still super terrible.


    • Ha ha! That is terrible, but I’m glad I’m not alone, I do same once in awhile too for my old friends that is, but I still think the majority are still superficial. Thanks for commenting.

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  5. Stalk an ex? Na!
    That was the first impression I had when I read the first line of this post.
    Good read tho, but stalking is whole lot of job and I’m not sure I have it in me to take on that..

    I have an ex that became my bff.. I can’t explain how it happened.

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    • There is nothing that needs explaining, you were destined to be best friends and nothing more lol. Stalking via social media is very simple o, it’s the physical one that is stress and also a no no, I don’t recommend it at all. I’m glad you took the time to read this post.


  6. I do this, tho not to all. Just one.

    I wonder how you guys can be friends with your exes, guess y’all must have been lucky to not get your heart broke.

    I see it as, If I was not good enough as your girl, then you don’t need me as a friend. friends got each others back, you didn’t get mine when I was your girl

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    • Hmm just that one. I honestly don’t think I have gotten deeply involved in relationships, since my first heartbreak. So I haven’t had my heart broken again. It’s quite easy for me sha. I understand where you are coming from though, some guys are stupid.


  7. Let’s see….the last ex that I had was like 7 years ago…or more…hmm and back then, I really didn’t do much of social media. I was also in college and college is all over the place and once you’re done with a class where you met an ex, you may not ever see that ex again…at least that’s how it was for me. I guess, stalking ex’s is okay if it doesn’t bring up negativity as you said, but for me, just never thought that it would be interesting to stalk them.

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    • I can’t imagine, how that felt like, I hardly got involved with anyone that went to college with me. It definitely isn’t interesting for me, because majority of the time, I actually don’t find anything new or noteworthy. But it happens, I just check also, because sometime they drop cryptic messages and it stimulates my brain, thinking up different scenarios. But in general my exes have a boring online persona. Thanks for commenting!

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