Burna Boy

Damini Ogulu

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Burna Boy
Image Source: Burna Boy

I don’t know if it’s right to say Burna Boy is underrated because to me he’s a super rock star. He’s in his prime doing what he loves best, how he wants it, with nobody stopping him or telling him he can do it, the way he wants to.

I’ve always been a Burna Boy fan, always. Since I first heard Abeg Abeg, when he released it that is. Me and my bunch of friends, we all loved it and have been supporting him ever since.

Burna Boy III

There is so much controversy surrounding him like the guy can’t catch a break. From criminal allegations, Drake not crediting him and butchering his song to baby drama matters. Just because he lives a rugged kind of life, when I say rugged I mean it in a very artistic sense. The way he thinks and creates it’s different from many other Nigerian artists and that’s what makes him unique and his songs standout.

Burna Boy IV
Image Soucre: Burna Boy

Feature Burna Boy on a song and just know that the song is certified hit, straight fire and a banger for all times, he’s that good, I’m just saying.

Image Source: Burna Boy

He recently released Outside the album and for the life of me, I can’t stop listening to the album, because it is beautiful and it deserves to hear and shared all over the world.

Burna Boy is someone that should never be underestimated, that’s just all I can say because when he is, he shines very bright.

Burna Boy II
Image Source: Burna Boy
An Artist in all sense, Burna Boy.
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