Songs on Repeat, 2018 #6

Songs on Repeat

Hello, welcome back to my current songs on repeat. “Songs on Repeat” is a monthly feature here on my blog. I am so excited to share the songs that I can’t help but hit the replay button for or constantly search for when listening to music each month.Divider 1

In no particular order, I present the songs that I search for and have been listening to consistently in my endless library of music lately.

Entertainer by Zayn

Whenever it is when Zayn drops his latest album count me interested and already in love with it, because is recent releases have just made my soul sing.

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Growing by Alessia Cara

I was going through growing pains, when I heard this song. Growing pains in the sense that my period just started and the period cramps, pain was growing with each hour that passed, I had the worst period this month. But onto this song, it’s so relateable, I love Alessia her songs are one of the best, lyrics wise.

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Jackie Chan by Tiësto & Dzeko featuring Preme & Post Malone

The best in this song is so nice, and how Post croons Jackie Chan is everything, plus it makes you want to dance, in a freeing way, the lyrics though, plenty questionable.

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Bed Peace by Jhené Aiko featuring Childish Gambino

Cause I got a bit nostalogic for some Childish Gambino & Jhené favourites. It’s my luck they both have a song together that I love. P.S. I will love 3005 forever and Jhené Sail Out album.

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Come Over by The Internet

Because the Internet. You better still not be sleeping on them. This video gives me life and it’s funny.

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APES**T! by THE CARTERS (Beyoncé & Jay Z)

Apeshit, Nice, Boss, Friends – Songs on Everything is Love, that I am constantly listening to, the album is an abum that inspires me to make something of myself as a young Black African woman. Then Salud! is just a favourite, wish it was on the album also.

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Nobody by Todrick Hall featuring Jade Novah & Cynthia Erivo

Have you seen Forbidden? It’s awesome, it’s a musical movie, that is so beautiful, where being hetero is forbidden. Featuring Brandy, Tamar braxton, Tiffany Haddish, Jade Novah and so many other people, it’s a masterpeice, and it’s going to move you. Todrick is amazing.

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Wrong by Krept & Konan featuring Jhené Aiko

7 Nights. That’s the alum I listen to, I don’t care for 7 Days, so many chunes on & Nights. This is also the song that took me down memory lane, when it came to Jhené Aiko

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Babies by Kyle featuring Alessia Cara

Kyle is my precious Super Duper Icon. And Alessia is Alessia, this is one fire song, that is amazing and Kyle’s album is a classic already.

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Your Lovin’ by Steel Banglez featuring MØ & Yxng Bane

Yxng Bane is really climbing the charts and I’m here for it. I love this remix, I’m so glad Craig David featured him because this song became a lot more better.

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What songs are you listening to? If you have any song you love and want to share with me feel free to, I might love it also!

Lara Kareem

7 thoughts on “Songs on Repeat, 2018 #6

  1. I have two songs in my repeat rotation. If by Davido (no it’s not a new song but it still hits the spot) and No Tears left to Cry by Ariana Grande.
    I love her voice and the melody makes me want to dance. So that’s my current jams

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