Songs on Repeat, 2018 #8

Songs on Repeat

Hello, welcome back to my current songs on repeat. “Songs on Repeat” is a monthly feature here on my blog. I am so excited to share the songs that I can’t help but hit the replay button for or constantly search for when listening to music each month.Divider 1

In no particular order, I present the songs that I search for and have been listening to consistently in my endless library of music lately.

Roll (Burbank Funk) [Kaytranda Remix]  by The Internet

Divider 1.5

Thru These Tears by LANY

Divider 1.5

Moment by Kyle featuring Wiz Khalifa

Divider 1.5

Litness by Mostack

Divider 1.5

Ganja Burns by Nicki Minaj

Divider 1.5

I Don’t Want to See You Anymore by Xylø

Divider 1.5

Keep in Touch by Tory Lanez & Bryson Tiller

Divider 1.5

Play the Field by Jacquees

Divider 1.5

Trip by Ella Mai

Divider 1.5

No Brainer by Dj Khaled featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo & Chance the Rapper

Divider 1.5

What songs are you listening to? If you have any song you love and want to share with me feel free to, I might love it also!

Lara Kareem

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