Kiana Ledé

Kiana Ledé
Image:  The Grovela

I came across Kiana Lede first in 2017, when she released a song called I Choose You, but I didn’t pay too much attention because I forgot she existed, fast forward to mid last year, I came across her song Ex because of Youtube, a song titled Ex, is sure going to capture my attention, so I hit play, but it took her Genius Lyrics Verified Video to have me completely in love with her voice, which led me to listen to her album Selfless and I have been hooked on all her songs ever since. I am a bigtime fan of hers and I can’t wait for more of her music!


She’s also an actress, she starred on MTV’s TV Series Scream and is currently starring in the TV Show All about the Washingtons on Netflix. I would love to say more but, listen to her sing, her voice is amazing!

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Until next month! I really hope I’ve introduced you to an RnB female singer worth knowing.

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