Mahalia Burkmar was all over my YouTube recommendation since this year started but there I was ignoring her until I noticed I like listening to her song Do Not Disturb anytime it came up on shuffle on a favourite music playlist of mine, so when next I saw YouTube recommendation featuring her I was like why not. I really need to stop ignoring YouTube recommendation because Mahalia’s voice is gold and I just realised she’s the one who’s featured on the track We The Generation by Rudimental, talk about loving her voice since 2016, but not knowing who she was.

Cool fact about this video, Mahalia had to learn her song in reverse for this video! Because it’s all in reverse but she’s singing it like it’s not in reverse. If that doesn’t make her even cooler, I don’t know what else would.

Mahalia is 21 years old, and her music is so amazing, right now I’m loving Grateful, Do Not Disturb and I Wish I Miss My Ex. There are so many more songs by her you should get up on because she is unapologetically real.

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Until next month! I really hope I’ve introduced you to an RnB female singer worth knowing.

Lara Kareem

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