Ann-Marie Slater

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I was looking for songs that have to do with creeping on the low with someone, like when you have feelings for someone but the person is taken, don’t ask me why… I just know heartbreak songs and songs like this go hard and get me so hard in my feels. Which is why I stumbled upon Secrets by Ann-Marie and let me tell you the song is a bop!

Ann-Marie Slater is someone that should be on your radar because her songs go hard and her voice is so sweet to my ears.

Ann-Marie can Sing, Rap and Dance! She grinds so hard I seriously can’t wait until she becomes mainstream! She just released Asylum which has so many mad tracks, like the one I featured above Throw it Back, anyways buy and stream her songs, support her!

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Until next month! I really hope I’ve introduced you to an RnB female singer worth knowing.

Lara Kareem

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