Lady Donli


Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 18.10.43.pngIt was the middle of 2017, I just came across Lucid Lemons on Snapchat and that was the beginning of my journey into listening to the Nigerian new music kids on the block, the alté crew. I can’t remember when I came across Lady Donli, but listening to Odunsi led to Lady Donli so falling for Zainab was inevitable.

2017 I didn’t listen to much Nigerian music, even now I don’t because I find many of them to be noise that I can’t be bothered with. Give me rhythm and blues vibes and you’ve got a fan in me.

Fast forward to today and Lady Donli has proven to really be That Bitch with her debut album ‘Enjoy Your Life.’ I love all the songs on the album and my all-time favourite is Never Ending.

What you shouldn’t be doing is sleeping on Lady Donli, her mind is extraordinaire and her creativeness will blow you away. She is a gem and sweetheart, the few times I’ve come across her at concerts she’s always chill, who loves what she does and does it so well, she’s also a very sweet person!

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Until next month! I really hope I’ve introduced you to an RnB female singer worth knowing.

Lara Kareem

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One thought on “Lady Donli

  1. Yessss Lady Donli! She’s so chill, I love her. Ice cream is my favourite song of hers. To me a lot of the songs on the new album have a nostalgic feel. I recently saw her perform at Adekunle Gold’s concert and it was such a good experience. I stan!

    Have you heard Funbi’s music? I like him too and they’re sorta similar.


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