Alex Mali


Brooklyn-born Alex Mali is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who puts a breathtaking spin on modern R&B. Her ballads are influenced by an electric assortment of genres with undeniable demonstration of strength in melodic and lyrical ability. Raised with a very rich heritage stemming from a Jamaican mother and a Trinidadian father, she stands above the crowd scoring spots on popular playlists such as New Music Friday, Alternative R&B, Fresh Finds and more.

In Summer 2016, Alex Mali released “PHENOM” (prod. Monte Booker) reaching nearly one million streams on Spotify and landing on BBC1 Radio in the UK. In 2017 she released “Hoity Toity”(prod. Nine-Ease) featuring Grammy Award-winning artist MeLo-X, which demonstrated her versatility and love of her Caribbean roots. She has also featured on tracks with frequent collaborator Thutmose and continued to make waves on platforms with over 2 millions streams, collectively. Her videos have been featured on The Fader and Vfiles, on playlist for H&M + TopShop playlists and she has become a favorite on Ebro’s Beats 1 Radio.

Alex Mali takes the attention of her audience and guides them through realms of emotion with her unique build and powerful vocals, transcending barriers of age and culture. Debut project “Sweet & Sour” is projected to be released Spring 2019, including her latest single “BENJAMIN” prod. PLVYHAUS and upcoming single “FADED” feat. Thutmose dropping April 12th.

The Blind Youth

Listen to and sound out Alex Mali’s EP Sweet & Sour

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Until next month! I really hope I’ve introduced you to an RnB female singer worth knowing.

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