I Published A Guide Book to Self-Publishing!

Hello there! I’m Lara Kareem aka Naija Book Bae, the runner of this wonderful literary blog, who reads and reviews books, however, due to how hectic my year has been I haven’t really read and reviewed a book by an independent author recently and I haven’t had time for my Review Request Form.


I took a very long break from accepting books from my request form because not only do I have a backlog of pending reviews, many of the few I have collected aren’t of the best quality, because of this I went ahead and used my few years of experience working in the publishing sect to write A Guide to Self-Publishing.

Mock Up of Bock Naija Book Bae.png

For months you’ve worked diligently, dedicated time, stayed up late, overcame writer’s block and finally, you typed the last word and finished writing your book.

Now that you’ve finished writing your book, you’re anxious to know what comes next? You look up publishing firms accepting the genre of your manuscript and query them, hoping they’ll publish your book and you’re on your merry way to the life of authordom.

But, there’s no response from these publishing firms or many apologise but aren’t sure you’re the right fit for the firm and now you’re stumped. Don’t fret too much because there is another way, which is where this book comes in.

Do you really want to publish your book? Self-Publishing is the path to take and this book is filled with all the necessary information needed to get your book ready before hitting the publish button.


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