Attending a Book Picnic!

Have you ever wondered how the name Picnic came to be? Me neither until right now as I was writing this post, I guess afterwards I will google the origins and sate my curiosity.

On the 8th of December, 2019 I was invited for a Book Picnic, organised by one of my countries leading bookstore Roving Heights, I even got a special invitation because they noticed how I try to give back and encourage reading with my spaces on the internet, as well as my recommendations to their store.

I had nothing better to do, well I had work to do and was healing from an ailment but I preferred hanging out with bookish people, so of course, I got dressed and was on my way.

But that’s not all, I decided to Vlog because I realised it’s wonderful content for my Booktube account, which needs more love from the literary community by the way. I am taking the advice from one of my friends and now every time I share a video, I shall create a post for it as well on my blog.

I do hope more people watch my videos and give me more advice so I can become better with my youtube channel. Anyway here is the Vlog for the Roving Heights Book Picnic below.


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