Haven (A Twin Bliss Resort Novel) by Timi Waters | A Newly Released Nigerian Romance Novel!

About the Book

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Title: Haven

Author: Timi Waters

Publication Year: 23rd, July 2021.

Genre: Romance & Adult Fiction


She’s autistic; he’s gay. A marriage of convenience seemed like the perfect plan. Until it wasn’t.

Tyrell Alagoa, a die-hard romantic, only believes in one thing—loving the right woman. When he found his missing piece in Janelle Lafayette, he wasted no time beginning plans to seduce her.

Then he discovered she was not only engaged to be married to Ahmed Gusau, a northern billionaire and influential politician, but Ahmed had a burning grudge and an unsettled score to even out with him.

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About the Author

Timi Waters is a West African writer. Her love for psychology and thought-provoking books led her into asking questions, finding answers, and asking more questions. While Haven is her first published work, Timi has written and published short stories which featured in international bestselling anthologies. Her eBooks, The Red Lines Trilogy topped OkadaBooks and Bambooks bestseller charts for weeks. When Timi is not writing, she’s poring over non-fiction and psychological thrillers, hosting tea parties with her characters, and lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj and Eminem’s rap. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and a shelf full of books.

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