Book Review: Moody by Destiny Henderson


Title – Moody

Author – Destiny Henderson

Publisher – Self-Published

Published – September 5th, 2018.

A collection of all ages’ short stories featuring friendship, self-consciousness, love, and ice.

Pink is a Distraction 
Keva Knight liked bright almost obnoxious colors for a reason.

Jo and Terra 
Inspired by the summer heat. A slice-of-life featuring two friends at a gas station.

Play it Cool, Al 
Al is hit with a reverse love confession, job opportunity, and a new perspective of his childhood friend. Of course, his defeatist attitude doesn’t help him.

There’s a rumor that Sasha has ice in her blood, and it may be the only thing keeping her alive.

Waiting for Bus 26 
She is waiting at the bus stop when he strolls by with a head full of curls and a navy-blue umbrella.

Dreaded Dinner Party Prologue 
Aucuria “Curi” Andrews is a homeschooled girl who’s tired of her dinner party-throwing parents. Nothing is set to change this latest party until a sabotage attempt and her parents’ reputation is challenged by a cartoonish nasty couple. It’s up to Curi to put a stop to the slander, meet some new faces along the way, such as the mischievous traveler Mister Wolfeman or ambitious Ophelia, and of course, eat some delicious food.

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Book Review: Seafire by Natalie C. Parker


Title – Seafire (Seafire #1)

Author – Natalie C. Parker

Publication – August 28th, 2018.

Publisher – Razorbill

Genre – Adventure & Young Adult 

After her family is killed by corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of Bullets, Caledonia Styx is left to chart her own course on the dangerous and deadly seas. She captains her ship, the Mors Navis, with a crew of girls and women just like her, who have lost their families and homes because of Aric and his men. The crew has one mission: stay alive, and take down Aric’s armed and armored fleet.

But when Caledonia’s best friend and second-in-command barely survives an attack thanks to help from a Bullet looking to defect, Caledonia finds herself questioning whether to let him join their crew. Is this boy the key to taking down Aric Athair once and for all . . . or will he threaten everything the women of the Mors Navis have worked for?

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Literary Discussion: #Bookstagram Tips

Bookstagram Tips


This is a popular request, that I’ve gotten so often, it would be a sin if I don’t deliver it! I’m no pro at #bookstagram, but I’ll gladly share with you these few tips ♥️


First thing first, the camera you’re using to take your pictures determines the quality of your images. That doesn’t mean you’ve to buy a standard camera to take pictures for the ‘gram (all I have ever used for bookstagram over the years are my phones) so just invest in a phone with a good camera because images should always be crisp and clear, instead of blurry and grainy.

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#2 Festive Colours – White Books. 🎄 I’ve read half of the books in this picture and I plan on reading the remaining two this year. I can do it 🌚 🎄 I read Without Merit last year and I found Merit so relatable it completely shattered me (imagine me standing in front of my toilets door, i couldn’t even stop reading it enough to focus on peeing, tears dripping from my eyes around 2-3 am) 🎄 Smile, my Beloved Country was a very predictable but okay read. 🎄 Lovely Seeds is a poetry book that I won from twitter this year and the few poems I’ve read are 🥰 🎄 Eleanor Oliphant is probably mad at me because I got her in May and I still haven’t read her story. 🎄 Come on and participate ☹️ only @BookedUnicorn007 is being a fun loving person. A lucky participant is going to get a mystery gift 💝 🎄 @BookishSpecies Festive Bookstagram Challenge

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Natural Light

The best kind of light to use when you’re taking pictures is sunlight, that’s not shrouded. With no reflection, open your curtains, windows and set up where the sunshine has settled brightly on to take your pictures.


Don’t go out of your way to acquire props just for bookstagram. Yes, it’s nice to have all these items, but you can also make do with items in your household. If I want to be extra, I printout quotes and images, but I always make do with my art & craft tools, things I’ve gotten from book subscription boxes and decorations/items all over my home. For my theme, I simply use sheets nobody in my home wants anymore 😊

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there’s nothing as exhilarating as a well written crime, murder-mystery thriller book. they just have me at the edge of my seat, waiting or figuring out with the main character whodunnit. so of course i am pretty much true-crime trash. true-crime always has my interest and this book up there was the first true crime non-fiction i read and yes true crime also sets me on a paranoid frenzy when i binge watch different documentaries and youtubers. but i love the awareness true crime documentaries and shows bring, because i learn so much from them. • so this book is (true crime, non-fiction) about how dr. bart corbin murdered his wife and his kids were so sure he was the one who did it, they said so to the police immediately. then it becomes a long chase to actually find evidence that will ultimately condemn him, but along the way they uncover that killing his wife may not have been his first murder. ah! it was so creepy but i couldn’t not consume the book. • i will soon get my hands on some ted bundy texts, even if i feel i know everything there is to know, and read it all and make myself paranoid again. • #naijabookbae #goodreads #instareads #bookstagram #bookworm #booklover #bookish #bookstagrammer #bookaholic #booknerd #epicreads #bibliophile #bookcommunity #flatlay #bookclub #bookstagramnigeria #reads #igreads #bookphotography #bookstagramafrica #bookart #booksofinstagram #everythingnaart #diversifybookstagram #truecrimebooks #truecrime #truecrimecommunity #annrule

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I get inspiration for my book shoots from every #bookstagrammer or from the journaling Instagrammers and lastly my head, I love simplicity, so I just tweak things around until it looks good to me and I snap away, but it doesn’t end there, I spend a minute fine-tuning the image I pick, and I don’t do anything fancy, all I use to take my pictures is the iOS camera app, and use “Portrait Mode” to take my pictures and also edit the pictures with the inbuilt editing tools that comes with the iOS photos app (p.s. it’s amazing).

It helps when there’s a clear theme to how you post your image, it helps with people knowing without checking your username that it’s your post, but it’s also not a must, you do you and what’s good for you.


It’s awesome taking beautiful pictures but don’t let it end there, I hardly post on my feed all the time because when I post I want to be sharing something meaningful, like how I felt about a book etc. what books I’m reading or I’ve gotten recently even an update. So it’s more than just the picture, your caption should also be engaging and allows others to connect with you, your image and thoughts. Also if you use an image that isn’t yours please mention it and tag the owner always. That’s never up for debate.

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how many of us have to die before y’all get it? —starr carter • wow, the movie is just as touching as the book. • i will like to blame it on the bleeding, empty & aching spot that housed my last lower molar, but this movie had me super emotional in a lot of places as i found myself wiping tears before they fell. • this book is amazing, i believe millions of people feel this way also, it’s won so many awards and i’m proud to say i added my vote to at least one of the awards. i remember after i group read this book, with some people—who trashed it. imo people who trashed this book are kanye twenty-eighteen. people whose heads are stuck far up their own asses. • @angiethomas wrote this book & released it at a pivotal time in america, a big advocate for #blacklivesmatter and i’m proud to say this movie did it’s book proud, yeah some scenes in the book weren’t included, but it didn’t take from this movie. y’all should go and see it asap. it’s worth every second of its screen time and it better be winning awards at the next academy awards and all the other awards categories it falls into. (i need to cop the soundtrack for this movie also) • #staywoke

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Using hashtags allows your content to be seen, especially by your target audience, for example, #bookstagramnigeria allows me to see posts by fellow Nigerian Bookstagrammers, but never overdo it with the hashtags and always check that the hashtag you use isn’t banned, because it could cause problems for you. I love using hashtags because it allows me to find more likeminded people and helps with growth and being in a community of likeminded bookstagrammers. To make my post even tidier I post my group of hashtags as a separate comment.


Don’t do bookstagram alone, communicate with others and interact with their posts. Talk to people, we bookish people always need someone to hear our thoughts and opinions about a book and it’s also refreshing connecting with people all over the world and discovering new books, authors and people you never expected yourself to connect with. As long as you’re not offending in any way and show love, you’ll never be alone on bookstagram.

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Stephen King 🌚 • Would you believe me if I said I’ve only read one Stephen King book till date? Because it’s the truth. And the book in question is Carrie, there’s something so surreal about the book, I remember after reading it, I wanted it to be a real account, I started googling similar cases. • October is around the corner and I can’t wait for my timeline to be filled with spooky books and themes. • So today’s questions are have you read a Stephen King book and did you enjoy it? Do you plan on reading his book? What’s your favourite TV series or movie adaption of any of his books (there are quite a lot)? & Finally can you tell me about a book that completed spooked you? Mine is Adam by Ted Dekker. • #naijabookbae #goodreads #instareads #bookstagram #bookworm #booklover #bookish #bookstagrammer #bookaholic #booknerd #epicreads #bibliophile #bookcommunity #flatlay #bookclub #bookstagramnigeria #reads #igreads #bookphotography #bookstagramafrica #bookart #booksofinstagram #everythingnaart #diversifybookstagram

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Instagram Story

We can’t always post all the time, for example, I’m currently in a book slump, I’m not enjoying reading and can’t seem to finish a book, but that doesn’t mean I’m not active on the ‘gram, I’m always posting and staying in the loop via my Instagram Story, which creates room for more engagement with people in my bookstagram community. So when you’re not posting on your feed use your Story and interact with others.

Lara Kareem

If you have more tips! Please share them ♥️

Book Review: Son of Man by Amara Nicole Okolo


Title – Son of Man

Author – Amara Nicole Okola

Publisher – Parrésia Publishers Ltd.

Published – May 16th, 2017.

A university graduate in desperate need of a job. An illiterate farmer’s vengeance for a dead son. A young pragmatic man humbled by the horrors of incarceration. An old man’s dying gift to a generation. A journalist’s courage in a notorious military government. A youth Corper’s temperance of religion, love and survival.

Their Stories. . .

From the quiet town of Umuahia, to the plains of the Jos Plateau, and the bustling hub of Lagos, these Nigerian men have stories to tell. Stories of life, love, family, happiness, sorrow, pestilence and death—situations faced every day in their lives. Armed with objectivity, some find peace with their resolutions. Others face dire consequences with prices to pay—with their freedom, or even worse, with their lives.

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Literary Blogging 101: The Literary Blogging Community

DiscussionThe moment I crossed the threshold and entered the literary online community, my mind was instantly blown away! I was a kid with a sugar addiction, unleashed in a new world with all my favourite and yet to be discovered favourite treats.

The online literary community is gigantic and one of the most fabulous thing about it, is we’re a community who take pride in helping one and another, yes there are always the bad eggs within every community, but there is always somebody out there who would gladly guide, help and uplift you and your blog, trust me.

The community is made up of various groups of people, yes it’s all segmented but we all need each other for our structure to work. Authors, publishers, readers, literary bloggers, blog tour hosts, bookstores employees, librarians, literary journalists, literary social sites, literary items creators etc. are just the kind of the people you’ll come across when you’re part of the online literary community as it is majorly made up of these groups of people and more I may have unknowingly left out.

So how do you come across these people? By exploring and interacting. Interaction is the most important thing about having a wonderful experience, everyone is shy, but if nobody makes a move, we’ll all be alone, so if you admire or like something, don’t be afraid to voice it out and let the person behind it know, I’ve noticed that literary people return the love they have been shown own by someone. I know I do it.

All the popular social media sites are filled with literary people, take Instagram for example, we’ve made our own little world and have a trademark name #Bookstagram, in today’s online world hashtags are very important because it allows you to find like-minded people and that’s how you start getting in deep with the community. Twitter also has its a bookish community, which is very informative and life-changing. Pinterest is also infested with contents and will allow you to find so many blogs and content your mind will explode, if you ever need inspiration, Pinterest is key, I’m so thankful for all the people, who take their time to put stuff on Pinterest, hence making the lives of many people like me easier.

I love WordPress Reader because it allows me to not only follow blogs but also hashtags, which allows me to encounter new people within the community and spread love all around, as it makes it so much easier to read posts other literary bloggers online. There are also free literary blogging courses, memes, tags and awards that bring people together, it’s also a great way to start off and make friends, especially as a new blogger. Just search for them and you’ll find them.

Note: Using Hashtags makes your post a lot more visible in a sea filled with billions of content.

The online literary community is very important, because being online and alone at that is boring, without having anyone to converse or see what you put out is very soul-crushing, but if you involve yourself within the community, interact with others and be a good upholding member, it won’t be so. And because the online community is so huge and diverse, there’s no way you won’t stumble on new knowledge, try out new books and things, meet and love people from different backgrounds than yours or even make friends with people in your very town, state or country and many other benefits, that only readers who have broken into the online space can enjoy (I mean there’s always one event, giveaway, price slashes, discounts, coupons or the other out for grabs).

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What do you think about the online literary community? I’ve tried to think up a lot to type, but this is where my mind called it quits. I would love to converse with you about your own experience, don’t be a stranger!

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