Literary Blog Tours

What is a Blog Tour?

Tour is defined as a journey in which several different places are visited to showcase or promote something. which is basically what a blog tour is all about, only it’s from blog to blog.

The blogs of interest here are literary blogs by passionate readers who not only read books but also review, discuss, engage with and talk about them with other readers.

Blog tours occur in a specific timeframe where the book in question is promoted across the selected blogs that meet the criteria and target audience for the books.

Blog Tours typically start right before a book is launched and ends a bit after it has been launched.

How Does it Work?

The NBB Blog Tours is a free service, which aim is to assist with creating awareness and promotion around, during and right after the launch of a book, published mostly by independent authors and small presses.

I pitch your book to a series of bloggers who are the best fit for your story and after they’ve signed on, I work with these bloggers to schedule your virtual appearances on their blogs.

All blog posts include information about the book and its author, and can also feature Q&A’s (answered by the author), guest posts (written by the author), excerpts, book reviews etc. from the bloggers.

Hosting a blog tour:

  • NBB Blog Tours only accepts fiction genres such as New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, Crime, Erotica & Historical
  • Booking with Naija Book Bae should occur at least Three Months in advance.
  • The duration of the blog tour being hosted is either 5 or 10 Working Days.
  • ARCs or Finished Copies of the book must be ready. For physical copies, author/publicist cover mailing expenses as well as provide the hard copies of the book for reviewers.
  • Have materials for the book ready i.e. front cover, synopsis, excerpts & purchase links
  • If interviews & guest posts are granted, the author must promptly respond.
  • Author’s information must be ready i.e. photograph, 150 words bio, social media links & authors website.
  • Giveaway of copy(ies) of the book, but it’s not compulsory.
  • Custom Banner for the Tour is needed.

Get in Touch

If you would love to work with me, please send an email

Please expect a response to your email between within 1-3 working days.

Lara Kareem