Literary Blogging 101: The Literary Blogging Community

DiscussionThe moment I crossed the threshold and entered the literary online community, my mind was instantly blown away! I was a kid with a sugar addiction, unleashed in a new world with all my favourite and yet to be discovered favourite treats.

The online literary community is gigantic and one of the most fabulous thing about it, is we’re a community who take pride in helping one and another, yes there are always the bad eggs within every community, but there is always somebody out there who would gladly guide, help and uplift you and your blog, trust me.

The community is made up of various groups of people, yes it’s all segmented but we all need each other for our structure to work. Authors, publishers, readers, literary bloggers, blog tour hosts, bookstores employees, librarians, literary journalists, literary social sites, literary items creators etc. are just the kind of the people you’ll come across when you’re part of the online literary community as it is majorly made up of these groups of people and more I may have unknowingly left out.

So how do you come across these people? By exploring and interacting. Interaction is the most important thing about having a wonderful experience, everyone is shy, but if nobody makes a move, we’ll all be alone, so if you admire or like something, don’t be afraid to voice it out and let the person behind it know, I’ve noticed that literary people return the love they have been shown own by someone. I know I do it.

All the popular social media sites are filled with literary people, take Instagram for example, we’ve made our own little world and have a trademark name #Bookstagram, in today’s online world hashtags are very important because it allows you to find like-minded people and that’s how you start getting in deep with the community. Twitter also has its a bookish community, which is very informative and life-changing. Pinterest is also infested with contents and will allow you to find so many blogs and content your mind will explode, if you ever need inspiration, Pinterest is key, I’m so thankful for all the people, who take their time to put stuff on Pinterest, hence making the lives of many people like me easier.

I love WordPress Reader because it allows me to not only follow blogs but also hashtags, which allows me to encounter new people within the community and spread love all around, as it makes it so much easier to read posts other literary bloggers online. There are also free literary blogging courses, memes, tags and awards that bring people together, it’s also a great way to start off and make friends, especially as a new blogger. Just search for them and you’ll find them.

Note: Using Hashtags makes your post a lot more visible in a sea filled with billions of content.

The online literary community is very important, because being online and alone at that is boring, without having anyone to converse or see what you put out is very soul-crushing, but if you involve yourself within the community, interact with others and be a good upholding member, it won’t be so. And because the online community is so huge and diverse, there’s no way you won’t stumble on new knowledge, try out new books and things, meet and love people from different backgrounds than yours or even make friends with people in your very town, state or country and many other benefits, that only readers who have broken into the online space can enjoy (I mean there’s always one event, giveaway, price slashes, discounts, coupons or the other out for grabs).

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What do you think about the online literary community? I’ve tried to think up a lot to type, but this is where my mind called it quits. I would love to converse with you about your own experience, don’t be a stranger!

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Goodbye, 2018.


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I don’t have any regrets this 2018, I’ve been thinking what was my ultimate challenge this year and I can’t really recall anything. I mean I know a few hiccups happened this year, but nothing that outrightly crushed me, so I am very grateful and thankful for this kind of peaceful and loving year.

A hurricane changed how I planned 2018 would play out at the end of 2017. I mean I thought it would be my first year away from home and being by myself, tackling the adulting life. But my mum, of course, changed that and made sure I was home for my NYSC service year, which did not impact my life in any form and I still stand with my belief that it is 80% utterly useless and a waste of time (well for me).

I am dying of laughter because, in my Goodbye, 2017 post I wrote “I want to embrace responsibility, (hopefully not spend most of my money on books)” 2018 was the year Books made me broke. I spent so much money on books and acquired a lot of books, all I could think about was this book or that book. What was I thinking when I wrote that 🤣

I finally found the online community of Nigerian book bloggers and guess where they were hiding on BOOKSTAGRAM= Instagram for Book Lovers has changed my life people, it’s such a wonderful community very different from Twitter and I love how because I’m following a lot of like-minded people, it’s mostly drama free. 

2018, was so great I mean, I was on a national radio station talking about books. I went to the Ake Festival, which I got free tickets for, where I met and interacted with a lot of authors I like and respect. I also met many of my Bookstagram Nigeria Friends in person lol (even some that don’t know I’ve seen them in person). I featured a lot of bloggers on here because I love the Book Community and most importantly I launched my Newsletter service for Literally Readers who are or want to be Bloggers. Bookish Species and Production for my Book Sleeves business has already started so I can launch in 2019, it’s gonna be called Book Gloves

I did a lot of other cool things though, went for many events and parties, like an Instagram Take-Over for a popular beverage drink here in Nigeria, Wilson’s Lemonade, attended my first ever Press Conference (bookish in nature), Had a good time with my many different groups of friends. In short I had a lot of fun this year and of course, December is my favourite time of the year, because of all the music concerts, my mum’s birthday and well my IJGB (I Just Got Back) December friends & family.

I feel so proud, I wrote have a Monthly Wrap-Up for each month of this year, so I really don’t have to write a lengthy recap, if you’re really interested in how my year went, check out the posts about how each month of this year went for me, minus December, because it’s what you’re currently reading. JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovember

I hope your 2018, was beautiful and not so tragic, I feel like 2019 will be my year. I don’t know why but it just feels like it. I hope when I look at this in December 2019, I would totally be right. Here’s to a wonderful new year everyone. Thank you for sticking with my rambling blog.

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Guest Feature #15|Meet the Blogger: Ezinne of The Drunken Writer!


Hey you, thank you for taking time out to read this post because today on the blog you get to meet a blogger! First and foremost welcome to my Guest Feature Series! It’s super exciting doing this, I may not be *a huge blogger* but I do have a presence in the online community, well because of the love many of you give to me daily. and I intend to make use of it by also giving back the love to the community, by shining the light on as many bloggers as I can, because most of us deserve it and also you know make a stand on marginalization—fighting for what’s right. Read More »