Literary Recommendations — 10 Female Nigerian Authors You Should Know. (According to my Bookshelf)

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This month I will be presenting a list featuring female Nigerian authors, I have read some books by some of the authors, but these authors are well known and recognized in the literary scene, I’m sure you’ll sport one or all authors you know lol. I picked Nigeria because well I am Nigerian of course.Read More »

Literary Discussion: Reading slumps, what causes them & solutions

The Bloggers in the Attic


The Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion train started by Camila @ The Reader in the Attic, it is a bi-monthly discussion chain featuring other bloggers, who come together to discuss a particular topic.

This is the first of many chain discussions we’ll be having hopefully! Below are participants of this discussion dates and the dates of when we are expected to have our discussion posts up, please if you have time, indulge yourself in reading the posts of the people who came before me.Read More »