What it’s all about.

To collaborate means the action of working with another in order to do something to accomplish a mutually beneficial goal. So please let’s mix our magic together and create something stunning.

Why collaborate with me?

First and foremost because it’s a fun and engaging thing to do! It’s beneficial as it gives us access to people within our combined networks and widens our audience range and most importantly we build a strong and healthy relationship with one and another.

Who do I collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with fellow literary people on the interweb! No matter if you’re a blogger, writer/author, publicists, or a literary business owner etc. as long as you’re in the literary sect. and we hit it off, we’re good to go.

Some ways to collaborate with me:

  1. Guest Blogging 
  2. Interviews
  3. Blog Tours
  4. Buddy Reading
  5. Event Hosting
  6. Products Review
  7. Products Giveaway
  8. Products Representative

Get in Touch

If you would love to collaborate with me, please send an email

Please expect a response to your email between within 1-3 working days.

Ongoing Collaboration Opportunity.Meet the Blogger

I have a feature on my blog called “Meet the Blogger” where I feature a blogger on my blog on a Friday. This feature as well as promotes you and your blog, also highlight diversity, and is my own way of creating more awareness for the underrepresented & marginalised in our societies. Please click the image above to find out the full details.

Lara Kareem