Self-Publishing Consultation

So you’ve finished writing your book, now what’s next?

There’s a popular belief that after writing the last chapter of a book you can immediately publish it because writing and publishing a book is so easy, anyone can do it.

This is wrong because there’s so much more to book publishing. Because of this belief many authors who self-publish end up meeting roadblocks because they didn’t go through or follow the due process.

To do anything well in life, you’ve to be willing to do the work and carry out the proper research first. I love reading books, but I’m quick to put a book aside if I see that the pre-publishing process that should have occurred doesn’t exist. I’ve found a lot of self-published titles I pick up to read lacking, because of this issue.

So this has prompted me to offer a consultation service to authors who want to embark on the self-publishing route. I’ll guide, inform and educate authors about the necessary activities and strategies that are needed to successfully self-publish a book.


I’m here to help you sort out your self-publishing worries, answer your questions and ultimately decide if this the right path for you. This includes:

  • Consultation (ask me all your questions/air concerns)
  • A Guide to Self-Publishing eBook
  • Customized Promotion Strategy

Qualification: I’m well versed in the publishing process, as I am both a marketing manager and publicist at Parresia Publishers Ltd.

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Lara Kareem