Mahalia Burkmar was all over my YouTube recommendation since this year started but there I was ignoring her until I noticed I like listening to her song Do Not Disturb anytime it came up on shuffle on a favourite music playlist of mine, so when next I saw YouTube recommendation featuring her I was like why […]

Kiana Ledé

I came across Kiana Lede first in 2017, when she released a song called I Choose You, but I didn’t pay too much attention because I forgot she existed, fast forward to mid last year, I came across her song Ex because of Youtube, a song titled Ex, is sure going to capture my attention, […]

Troye Sivan

I would never have gotten on his radar maybe until this month cause of Alessia Cara. But thanks to my friend Mo’ who was like I should give him a try because he was so in love with Happy Little Pill, back when it came out and together we fangirled about Troye, till we stopped […]