Ekabo is the Yoruba word for Welcome.

Welcome to my humble abode on the internet. I am so glad for whatever reason it is that has you here reading my introduction.

I honestly do not how to write/do introductions—my landing page, but it is what it is. This site is generally about well books, with a sprinkle of me, the why and how I live my life.

You can pretty much expect to see posts about books—a must, book reviews, discussions, memes etc. music I listen to and discover, the different types of arts, places I go to and have the opportunity to visit, the people in my life and ones I meet, animals because they are adorable etc. I’m not much of a fashion guru or stylists, so don’t be expecting fashion tips on this site lol, I’m more of a writer and I’m eccentric—plenty reading content.

You know how most lifestyle sites are so aesthetically pleasing and the endless beautiful moments they capture wherever they are, well this is pretty much it, but instead of pictures of my clothes and beautiful places, you get to see aesthetically pleasing pictures of the books I read.

I’ve always loved blogging and the creative works, I’ve been intrigued by them for many years now and my interest just keeps on growing, getting bigger and wider. Once I get a creative itch, I won’t feel satisfied until I give into it and explore it, because it’s better to do something than not trying at all. Many different blogs and websites later, here we are.

I’m so glad I had your attention up to this point—thrilled! So if you happen to have a question(s) about whatever do run them by me, I’m always available. Furthermore, please check out more of my posts on here and most definitely subscribe. I hope to bring you pleasure by sharing my love for books and other things.

Lara Kareem
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