Monthly Wrap-Up, November 2018.

Did I get my shit together in November? I think so a bit, I was less stressed, busier, cause I added more work to my head lol. December makes me so lazy, when December comes I just want to quit whatever as my mind is on the break and rest, even though December is filled with different musical concerts and whatnot, this year I just want to be offline, no stressing bout events and everything.

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Monthly Wrap-Up, October 2018.

October has to have been the busiest month for me. I was always on the move, doing something or going for something. Yet in between, I was sick and had to take a break in general. I was also working on a project, that I am proud of, plus building it from scratch and making it tangible. I’m so glad October is done, can’t wait to get my shit together in November.

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