Monthly Wrap-Up, October 2018.

October has to have been the busiest month for me. I was always on the move, doing something or going for something. Yet in between, I was sick and had to take a break in general. I was also working on a project, that I am proud of, plus building it from scratch and making it tangible. I’m so glad October is done, can’t wait to get my shit together in November.

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It all started with me finally completing my NYSC Service year and passing out, good riddance to bad rubbish, where both the NYSC officials and many of my fellow corpers are nothing good to write home about. NYSC is a corrupt organization and not only from the officials but also from the youths serving their motherland.

To show you how rubbish it was, my khaki trousers on my final week, kept humiliating me, in its defence from the onset it has always humiliated me.


The first time I wore the trousers, it was to a field filled with over a thousand youth corpers like myself and about 50+ military type officials. I was seating and when I decided to get up it ripped. My knickers’ was put on display for everyone and the ruthless (using a more graphic and insulting word in my head) officials said no I couldn’t go and change, from that day onwards, I never wandered onto the parade ground until I was to pass out from camp.

So first it ripped by the side and my thighs where on display, I didn’t really care because thighs and ass, anyone can look at my thighs, plus I noticed when I was 5 minutes away from home. I fixed it up and the next day not only did the belt loops buttons fall off, two  of the loops actually came off and the stupid khaki trousers were too big for me, so basically my butt was out again, and helpful samaritans kept pointing it out to me, I mean I know, what can I do about it. and I had to spend money again to fix it, even though I was only going to wear it one more time.

I would like to say my khaki trousers is symbolic of how the whole NYSC scheme is.

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Bookish Species

On October 3rd, I voiced out a complaint, because I noticed that there isn’t really any blogging society for literary readers in Nigeria and I wanted to do something about it and so Bookish Species was born, it took me all month to put it together and I am very proud of myself. It also has an online Book Club for anyone who is interested in reading, and you can find out all you need to know by joining it.


Update 2020 – Bookish Species no longer exists.

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I watched THUG and I was blown away emotionally. I shared what I had to say about it below. Have you seen?


How many of us have to die before y’all get it? — Starr Carter

Wow, the movie is just as touching as the book.

I will like to blame it on the bleeding, empty & aching spot that housed my last lower molar, but this movie had me super emotional in a lot of places as I found myself wiping tears before they fell.

This book is amazing, I believe millions of people feel this way also, it’s won so many awards and I’m proud to say I added my vote to at least one of the awards. I remember after I group read this book, with some people—who trashed it. IMO people who trashed this book are Kanye twenty-eighteen. people whose heads are stuck far up their own asses.

@angiethomas wrote this book & released it at a pivotal time in America, a big advocate for #blacklivesmatter and I’m proud to say this movie did it’s book proud, yeah some scenes in the book weren’t included, but it didn’t take from this movie. y’all should go and see it asap. it’s worth every second of its screen time and it better be winning awards at the next academy awards and all the other awards categories it falls into. (I need to cop the soundtrack for this movie also)

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My friends graduated from university I finished last year, so I had to go turn up with them. Turning up did not include clubbing, alcohol and what not. I was recovering from a bout of illnesses and also a molar extraction the day before, which is still healing as of right now.

I had to travel from Lagos to Abeokuta, but it was worth it because I had a peaceful reprieve from the hecticness that is Lagos, it was calm, fun and very relaxing, plus I was surrounded by my friends. Even though I had the unbelievable headaches, I mean my whole head was aching. I was best friends with painkillers in October.

I definitely need more girl weekends, anyways December is coming.

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It was my first time attending this highly distinguished and popular literary festival and I would like to say it wasn’t bad but could have been planned better. I met & saw a lot of authors, as well as saw a lot of my Bookstagram Nigeria people.


I met Tochi Onyebuchi who is the author of Beast Made of Nights and Crown of Thunder, he also won the 2018 NOMMO award and he has so really cool tattoos. It was equally delightfully meeting Ayesha Harruna Attah, Mona Elthawy & Nurrudin Farrah. I saw a lot more authors, but these were my highlights. I got Tochi to sign Crown of Thunder which I bought there and Lola Shoneyin to sign The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, which I also finally bought a copy for myself. I immensely enjoyed the live play adaptation of the book. Lola Shoneyin is the mastermind behind Ake Festival.

Ake books

I loved seeing the people behind some of my favourite Bookstagram accounts. It was the major highlight. Cause it’s so good to put faces as well as bodies to some of the people you interact with online. I sneakily took this picture of some of them, while we were browsing through books to buy.

Bookstagram friends
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I made an announcement that I was taking a break from blogging to get my bearings, but November is for getting my shit together, so definitely count me in for putting posts out there and kicking my book slump to the curbs. I haven’t been interested enough to finish or focus on reading this month and I want this terrible fever to pass. I have my Goodreads challenge to beat.

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