Monthly Wrap-Up, November 2018.

Did I get my shit together in November? I think so a bit, I was less stressed, busier, cause I added more work to my head lol. December makes me so lazy, when December comes I just want to quit whatever as my mind is on the break and rest, even though December is filled with different musical concerts and whatnot, this year I just want to be offline, no stressing bout events and everything.

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Bookish Species

On October 3rd, I voiced out a complaint, because I noticed that there isn’t really any blogging society for literary readers in Nigeria and I wanted to do something about it and so Bookish Species was born, it took me all month to put it together and I am very proud of myself. It also has an online Book Club for anyone who is interested in reading, and you can find out all you need to know by joining it.

I launched Bookish Species and I’m so proud of it! I can’t wait for it to blossom into something big, as it’s my little baby right now. I’ve sent two newsletters

I’m also working on a secret thing, which I can’t wait to announce, but I’m starting my own small business pretty soon! Don’t know when, but it’s gonna happen.

Update 2020 – Bookish Species no longer exists.

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I didn’t blog much, but I dropped useful Literary Blogging 101 tips. I really need to get back my groove come next year.

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