BMS Ep 5: #BMSRecommendations 2023 Reading Challenges To Participate In!

Hey reader! I’m back again with another Blame My Shelf with Naija Book Bae Podcast blog post doubling down as a #LitRecommendation. Hope you’re doing great and taking life easy, one thing at a time…my motto is “I can’t come and kill myself” when it comes to anything, so when it feels like something is becoming too much, I always stop, destress and find a healthier way to accomplish said thing if it’s really important.

After BMS Ep 4: Love in Literature ft. Tomilola Coco Adeyemo which was a lovely chat, I’m back again with another recommendation! One of the best ways to add jazz, spice & sugar to your reading year is by participating in reading challenges, and in this post, I share five reading challenges to get you started.

1. ALitBabe’s Indie Romance by African & Black Women Reading Challenge

Join Ore’s Reading Challenge on Storygraph

2. #12BooksByAfricanWriters

Join Nokukhanya’s Reading Challenge on Storygraph

3. #20booksbyblackfolx

Visit Crystal’s page on Instagram

4. 2023 Something Bookish Reading Challenge

Join Amyn’s Reading Challenge on Storygraph

5. 12Months12MaleAuthors

View the full thread on Amyn’s Twitter

There you have it! Thank you so much for listening to the Podcast and if you haven’t already, checkout the section below to listen on your favourite Podcast platform!

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