What is Beta Reading? Beta reading is the process of reviewing an author’s manuscript before publication. It is where a Beta Reader offers their solicited thoughts about the work, giving necessary feedback (in-depth analysis) that are helpful guides for authors to improve their written works.

Beta Readers also help with giving the author a sense of direction of how the story’s real audience would respond to it. However a Beta Reader is not an editor, Beta Readers are just helpful readers. Editing is another ball game and should never be confused with Beta Reading.

As well as being a Beta Reader, as a Yoruba, Nigerian and Muslim woman, I double as a Sensitivity Reader, noting issues of misrepresentation, negative use of language and non-factual bias, when it comes to characters with such backgrounds.


I help authors properly root out problems and identify what isn’t working, to help authors make their works better. I highly and critically analyse authors’ works, and note down major issues that can be fixed, but please note that I, however, may not root out all problems, for it’s my reading experience I am reporting at a very economical rate.

As a professional reader, I criticise the work that I read, as the main purpose of this kind of reading is to inform authors of what it’s like to casually read the story and share the impression it made. I am accommodating as I give due time to properly reading and understanding the works of authors. I am reliable and will keep to the given time slot and give proper responses/feedback. 

I offer feedback on:

  • The story such as the characters, pacing, development, plot etc.
  • Places that stood out to me and give suggestions if needed and plot inconsistencies.
  • My overall summary of the work, giving my verdict as a reader.


I have worked with several independent and traditionally published authors as a Beta or Sensitivity Reader. To name a few Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye (HarperCollins) and Only On The Weekends by Dean Attah (HarperCollins).


A snapshot from the Acknowledgements page in Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye.


I sadly cannot accept all manuscripts mainly due to compatibility and timing issues. I have a full-time job, and I am a content creator, with other responsibilities, such as my own writing. I, however, take on one project at a time and require an 80% deposit.


  • $0.008 per word (net of taxes)

I accept only documents in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format because it enables the tracking of changes and leaving of comments. The quality of my analysis depends completely on the quality of the material submitted by the author.

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