How to Get out of a Reading Slump

What’s a reading slump? To me, a reading slump is when no matter how much I try no book I pick up to read is holding my interest, I’m just disconnected and uninterested when reading is no longer enjoyable and feels so forced, I can’t concentrate. Which is hard to believe for some people because of how literary oriented my life is.Read More »


Bookstagram Tidbits That Help

This is a popular request, that I’ve gotten so often, it would be a sin if I don’t deliver it! I’m no pro at #bookstagram, but I’ll gladly share with you these few tips ♥️


First thing first, the camera you’re using to take your pictures determines the quality of your images. That doesn’t mean you’ve to buy a standard camera to take pictures for the ‘gram (all I have ever used for bookstagram over the years are my phones) so just invest in a phone with a good camera because images should always be crisp and clear, instead of blurry and grainy.Read More »

Required Reading in Schools

I graduated from University in 2017, and even still the last time I really had to be worried about Required Reading in school was in late 2013 – early 2014. When I was preparing to write my A-Levels Literature exams. The only required reading I am doing now is for the books/manuscripts I have to read for work, no matter how tedious I find most of them.Read More »