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Bookstagram Tips


This is a popular request, that I’ve gotten so often, it would be a sin if I don’t deliver it! I’m no pro at #bookstagram, but I’ll gladly share with you these few tips ♥️


First thing first, the camera you’re using to take your pictures determines the quality of your images. That doesn’t mean you’ve to buy a standard camera to take pictures for the ‘gram (all I have ever used for bookstagram over the years are my phones) so just invest in a phone with a good camera because images should always be crisp and clear, instead of blurry and grainy.Read More »

Literary Discussion: Required Reading in Schools

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February 2019:  Required Reading in Schools

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I graduated from University in 2017, and even still the last time I really had to be worried about Required Reading in school was in late 2013 – early 2014. When I was preparing to write my A-Levels Literature exams. The only required reading I am doing now is for the books/manuscripts I have to read for work, no matter how tedious I find most of them.

But back when I was still in school and I had no choice but to read the required books, what did I think about all the books that were added to my school curriculum? I’ve always loved reading, so I was always curious about each book that was given to us to read either in English or Literature class. Thanks to this structure I’ve read a few classics I would never have picked up if it was left to me and enjoyed quite a few.

Yes, there were many books I hated and didn’t even stress myself reading, thank God for the option of selection. For example Ethan Frome, that book is the most depressing book I have ever attempted to read, then there’s Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie, I was so happy to read and devour the book. So it’s a win/lose situation really, but I loved it regardless because of my love for books.

The only aspect of required reading I didn’t like was the over analysing of the texts, and how my literature teachers were always marking me down, just because I chose to view and interpret the texts how I saw it. I don’t think they understood that no one reads the same the book the same way, because after writing my exams, I always scored A or B’s. take that teachers.


Lara Kareem

What are your opinions on required reading in schools? I’ve shared mine, now you share us!