Book Review: In Tune by JN Welsh [A Contemporary Black Romance Novel]

40280554Title – In Tune

Author – J.N. Welsh

Publication – October 1st, 2018.

Publisher – Carina Press

Genres – Contemporary Romance

Luke Anderson needs a manager—fast. His last one quit, leaving his tour and his future in jeopardy. Now instead of focusing on his career, he’s forced to concentrate on damage control. Powerhouse manager Leona Sable is the full package—smart and talented, not to mention sexy as hell—but her past makes her impossible to trust.

When opportunity knocks in the form of talented EDM DJ Luke “The Musical Prophet” Anderson, Leona is ready to answer. But salvation doesn’t come cheap. Luke won’t sign until Leona agrees to his outrageous terms—including a no-sex-while-on-tour clause.

Dictating what she does in her personal life crosses a line. But Leona’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

One thing is for sure: if she has to suffer, so will he.

Let the tour begin…

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Book Review

I rarely ever find good black woman representation in romance novels I read, so imagine how excited I was to receive In Tune by JN Welsh, not only is our female lead a black woman, the book is written by a black woman. And then the story is pretty impressive, it made my heart warm, I laughed a bit and it had me side-eyeing some characters.

Leona is amazing. She is the kind of woman I hope to be in future, someone with a good head on her shoulder and fabulous work ethics. I love how Leona, the female lead doesn’t allow her downfall to overshadow her confidence in what she does, because rightfully she is kickass at what she does, and I love how it is portrayed.

The friendship in this books are awesome, I loved the interaction and easy flow, it’s just amazing how many positive characters are in this book and how most of the characters, (because there’s always going to be the bad eggs) have each other’s back and support. There’s no outright woman on woman hate, which is the best kind. I love books where women have each other’ back, we are about uplifting each other. The family dynamic is also great.

Then there’s Luke and Leona, my goodness Luke infuriated me at first, but as the story progressed I easily warmed up to him, and I love how the hate they both felt (which was obviously hating that they are attracted to each, you know lust, at first sight, haha) gradually changed, it wasn’t love at first sight, their relationship builds up slowly and then boom. Loved it.

So I really enjoyed the story, I found some bit of Leona and Luke’s relationship written a bit stiffly, but it’s all good, I felt the connect, which is all that’s important, I would definitely not mind reading more of this authors book in future. Swoon-worthy romance right here.


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About the Author

JN Welsh is a native New Yorker and natural storyteller. As a child in school, she was a voracious reader who stole her older sister’s romance novels. She graduated to writing entertaining love stories for her friends and the writer was born.

Her love for romance continued to grow and she published her first novel in 2005. Her stories are entertaining and provocative, leaving her readers breathless and coming back for more.

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