Meet The Blogger: The Artist Called Lia.

Once upon a time, there was a book blog called Lost in a Story that belonged to a wonderful woman called Lia. Lia had a welcoming personality and it was always wonderful interacting with her on the interweb, and even more so when she started sharing her graphic illustrations on the internet with us.

Over the years I have watched her art evolve from being simply marvellous to astounding, along the way Lost in a Story became a thing of the past and merged into what is now Sunflowers and Wonders which is a blog that encompasses the interests and personality of Lia.

Laura Harrier drawn by Lia

Aside from being an artist, Lia loves being crafty and more times than not is always turning clothes into designs of her choosing.

drawn by Lia

Like many of us readers, Lia is also a writer and created this wonderful cover for her story To Mica from the Stars, which has been in the making since 2018, it’s about a girl who wrote letters to an astronaut missing in space, and one day gets a letter back. Which she categorises has a mystery/coming of age/contemporary new adult story filled all things nerdy, conspiracies, family and growing up.

As of when this post was shared, Lia’s currently open to commissions, click here to checkout her art and rates. You can find also view more of her art by clicking on the buttons below.

Lia drew the first art for this blog, when she just got started with illustrating and it’s a favour I appreciate, you can see how far she’s come now.

All illustrations in the posts are drawn by Lia.


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