Cover Reveal: Not Seeing is a Flower by Erhu Kome | A Bizarro Novella!

About the Book

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Title: Not Seeing is a Flower

Author: Erhu Kome

Publisher: Eraserhead Press (US)

Publication Date: 1st August, 2021.

Genre: Bizzaro Fiction


Love literally makes the world go round, so things are bound to get messy.

Ziora’s job, as a Dharma from the Odinani pantheon, is creating chaos in the lives of people made to fall in love by Cupids. But everything starts to go wrong when the couples she is assigned start to die and a werewolf tries to kill her in her bedroom.

Fierce and decadent, Not Seeing Is A Flower is a stylish, supernatural adventure from the premier female Nigerian author of bizarro fiction, Erhu Kome. 

The book cover was designed by Matthew Revert


Nagasaki and I share only silence for most of the meal before I ask. 

“Why now?”

He raises a brow.

“Why now did you choose to interact with me?”

“I have always wanted to ever since the bar was set up, but you give off this energy that screams ‘don’t come close unless I want you to.’”

“Good observation.”

He goes on. “I was content just looking at you from afar but that day, I saw my shot and took it. And you danced with me, however briefly.”

“Do you have a crush on me, Nagasaki?” I ask with a smile.

“A little,” he replies, leaning forward.

I chuckle at his answer. 

“You don’t know me,” I say.

He clears his throat. 

“You possess a beauty that nearly left destruction in its wake,” he says, and while maintaining eye contact, he adds in Japanese, “I cannot help myself. Every time I see you, I have this longing to have you under me, calling out my name.”

He leans back and drinks more sake.

Then he lets out a small laugh and says, “I think the sake is getting to me.”

He drops his o-choko and drinks water instead.

Something familiar stirs within me. 

I picture him on that floor without any clothing. I think about riding him so hard he cums before he wants to. I think about his face between my thighs. I stop thinking about my wants and instead, watch him drink more water. 

“I have to warn you,” I tell him.”If you go on down this path, your every waking thought will be of me.”

“And why would that scare me?” he asks.

I think about the last person who had said almost those exact words and the events that followed. But at least Nagasaki is a Cupid. Little chance of a repeat cluster fuck.

“Why do you think a werewolf tried to kill me?” I ask to switch the mood.

“I have no idea.”

About the Author

Erhu Kome comes from the Urhobo tribe and grew up in Benin city, so you could say she has eaten the most delicious foods in the world. She is the author of two books and several well-received short stories. She writes speculative fiction, weird fiction, and sometimes normal stories. She loves anime, Bob’s Burgers, and shows that have Eric Kripke involved in the making.


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