5 Romance Novels that Worked my Heart!

This month I will be presenting a list from one of my favourite all-time genres and the more heartache and emotions I feel, the more passionate I am about the book. I love books that make me ugly cry, there’s something amazing about it, especially ones with HEAs or HFN, I really hate it when someone dies but if it’s well executed I’ll still stan, I have given up on some books because the heartache was too much or I couldn’t bear to go on. I love me some tear jerkers.Read More »

My Top 10 Reads of 2018.

Hi there, how’s your 2019 doing? Have you been reading? I think I’ve read about 9 books already and still haven’t set my Goodreads challenge, it feels good lol. Anyways in today’s post, I’m sharing 10 of my top reads of last year, I had to break it down to ten or this list would have been like 30+ long, and it would be tiring!

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