Book Review: Makwala by E.E. Sule


Title – Makwala

Author – E.E. Sule

Publication – September 2018

Publisher – Origami, Parrésia Publishers Ltd.

Genre – African Literature

Jackson and Ende, growing up in a post-conflict and cosmopolitan Kano City slum of the early 2000s, find themselves in a world where they have to grapple with questions that relate to identity, destiny and society. While Ende is troubled by the absence of a mother he knows nothing about and a rather strange father who makes matter worse for him by withholding information regarding his mother. Jackson, a biracial boy also called Lebanese Pikin, is trapped in deep self-hate resulting from abhorrence of his mother’s prostitution. Their friendship begins on the day Ende discovers Jackson’s drawing of “a frail woman stuck against a wall by a long iron bar.” This is the beginning of a haunting narrative of hate and love, of violence and compassion, of concealment and revelation. In this cutting urban realism, the reader will encounter memorably quirky characters in a setting that reflects their precarity and their hopes. Told descriptively with the sophisticated simplicity and blending of the comic and the tragic of the author’s first novel Sterile Sky, this new novel brings our attention the deep entwinements of individual struggle with the survival of a community and, ultimately, of a postcolonial nation.

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Book Review

Makwala is a town in Kano, Nigeria. A town where the people live their lives lawlessly.

Quite frankly the blurb of this story starts off by telling us about Jackson and Ende, but it’s really more than their story, yes their lives take centre stage but, also the lives of the other characters that live with them, is equally as important, because the story of Makwala is the story of the people in it, especially of the people who live in the apartments compound owned by one boisterous Mama Maria.Read More »

Book Review: Smile, my Beloved Country by Emeka Onwusorom


Title – Smile, my Beloved Country

Author – Emeka Onwusorom

Publication – September 2018.

Publisher – Origami, Parrésia Publishers Ltd.

Genre – Fiction, Politics.

Smile, my Beloved Country is the story of a young Nigerian, Ayo Musa Okeke, who on a visit to Nigeria witnesses the assassination of a presidential candidate, Boni Konida, during a transition to civil rule programme. Within a broken country where civic obligations are ignored as corruption runs rampant, suspicions begin to point to Ayo who is saved by the friendship of a conscientious cop. From his base in New York where he is a tenured Agricultural Science professor, Ayo unwittingly sets in motion events that will lead him to face off the ruthless Chief Wewe Jumanji in an electoral battle for Aso Rock and Nigeria’s future.

Smile my Beloved Country, is a book with big dreams when it comes to Nigeria. It’s a book which aim is to inspire hope as well as paint a different picture about how Nigeria should be as it also notes many of the issues politics in present Nigeria has.Read More »