Monthly Wrap-Up, March 2018.

March is that month that is for getting settled and back on your feet. January came and was a bust, and I told myself, I’ll get a do-over in February, which was a joke because February was too fast and too short, mix in very hectic for me, so I basically had nothing done. So, of course, March is the month where 2018 really begins for me.

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So now I’m going to tell you about how my phone (iPhone 6s) gave up on me. For a full week, my phone kept falling more than three times a day, kept disappearing and having me spend hours looking for it and on the final day it was to spend with me ever again, it died the ultimate death, by landing into my toilet bowl. I watched the light leave and I knew it was over, now I can’t access my eBooks on iBooks because I’m too lazy to use my MacBook to read and it’s really not the best way to comfortably read and enjoy a book, this method is so secondary school (high school). And because I didn’t pay for iCloud storage, I didn’t back up my phone, so I’ve lost a chunk of documents and gaming levels. No I didn’t lose my books, but now I can’t get them on my iPod, cause storage and Apple is just making me mad, so now I’m actually reading my physical books. I just prefer reading with portable devices, I find it easier, faster and more convenient.

Jobwise, I’ve gotten a handle on working at the bookstore, and I’ve finally ironed out my schedule, which I will be complaining about in the nearest future. But as of right now pretty soon, I’m going to start my driving lessons and finally know how to drive. Finally, I’m like four to five years late on learning, but at least I’m learning lol.

Blogging-wise, I think scheduling and pre-planning saved me because here I am having 9 posts this month, and still have one more draft saved up that I could have published and I feel good because, I already set my posting goal per month to 8, and here I am giving you 9. Lol, I just pray to continue being this consistent.

Being iPhoneless is being phoneless to me, I find android phones I use so slow and laggy, plus I detest Samsung phones, always have and always will. That is why I haven’t really been active online that much since my phone died that untimely death and my iPod is 5th gen, and only at night can I turn on the wifi, so I basically use it to listen to music and watch preloaded films. Hopefully next month I am getting a new phone, hopefully. My birthday is coming up and I’m just praying and heavily suggesting one as a present.

I finally held Children of Blood and Bones by Tomi Adeyemi, in my hands, the feeling is so magical, once I got the book, I couldn’t stop looking at it and loving it. I spoke to Zelie on the cover, she is a close friend now. I am equally crushed that my copy got sold without my permission, after being nice enough to have it on display at my bookshop. Now I have to wait all over again for a personal copy and it’s not even been ordered yet. I would take a copy from the bookshop, but it’s paperback and I find the paperback edition, not as nice if I am being honest with myself. I’m also glad that many fellow Nigerians are looking forward to reading and owning a copy of the book. It gives me great joy discussing it with fellow bookworms who enter my bookstore. I also got privy to who got the rights for Children of Blood and Bone for West Africa, and the publishing company. Ouida Books, a week before the official announcement and if I’m being honest I feel the cover could have been better or have taken a different direction, than using Zelie’s face.

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I really can’t remember the books I read this month, I really want to remember them, but somehow they escape me, I have to go through my list of books, to sort it all out, but below are my favourite reads this month.


I love April, it’s the month of jokes, yes, but it’s also the month of Easter, since I was born in 1996, maybe next year it may change to March who knows, but how can I not love April and look forward to it, since it’s my birth month, and also my dad, sister and dog’s birth month. It’s a month I share with many friends, so it’s special beginning to end and I wish with all my heart that April is a beautiful month for you. Thank you for reading.

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8 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up, March 2018.

  1. I’m so glad that you got around your blog posting schedule! As you already know pretty well, you’re a huge inspiration to me with your blog haha .

    Also, thanks again for making me discover Children of Blood and Bones in one of your previous posts. Now I have my copy waiting in my bookshelf and I can’t wait to read it!


  2. I hope you get to find a copy and read Children of Blood and Bone soon! I haven’t read it yet but I’m planning to. I’m so glad you enjoyed Holding Up The Universe and Let’s Talk About Love! The latter has been on my tbr for a while but I haven’t gotten around to it yet (and I have to find a copy somewhere…)

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  3. what ?? you gotta pay for iCloud storage ? has always been free for my 4s & 5s o.o is the 6 any different ? or it wasn’t in your plan or something ? (too many to fit? mmmh im confused..)

    yeeeah I shall also go for that when snow is gone .. considering we can get it at 16, I am… 7 almost 8 years late. woops xD I just… eeeerh. I don’t trust other people driving okay x) and im an anxious bug

    Hope april will be good to you aswell xx

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