Meet the Blogger #5: Catherine, of Book Wonderland!


Meet Catherine, she is the blogger behind Book Wonderland

Q & A

1. Hello Catherine, please introduce yourself and tell us about your blog?

Hey Lara! Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I’m 18 and from New York City. So my blog started maybe two or so years ago and I only ran it for a month or two. I got too busy and just didn’t use it anymore but now I’ve decided to reopen my blog! I post mainly about books, ya fiction being my favorite genre. Everything from reviews and lists to tags.

2. What was the deciding factor that made you go “Yes I am doing this, I’m starting my own blog!” ? Are you passionate about what you post on your blog?

I started by writing short reviews on Goodreads which I really enjoyed. It’s always fun to write your opinion and have people genuinely want to discuss it with you. I followed a few book blogs here and there and I eventually realized how much more freedom there is on a blog and I decided I wanted a bigger platform to discuss something I love, reading.

3. How would you describe your blogging style and persona? How meticulous are you, when it comes to the conceptualization up to the execution of your ideas?

I would say my blog is relatively casual and fun. I’m not big on making everything perfect and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of things I like to write about and what other people want to read about. My main priority is getting the idea or concept I want across and from there I just have fun with it.

4. What do you want and hope your readers to take from the content you share?   

I want my readers to get what they want from my blog, I really don’t have specific intentions. I know that I want my ideas to be expressed. Once there out there I want people to have fun with reading my posts and find some interest in what I have to say to comment and share their own opinion.

5. What is your blogging mojo? How do you stay inspired and motivated to continue running your blog?

Reading other book blogs and watching booktube videos is really motivating to me. I enjoy doing those things and that’s what I want others to get from reading my blog. Also reading a lot of books and constantly exposing myself to new content is more than enough motivation to want to post about how much I like or dislike the work.

6. What is your long-term goal/plan for your blog?

I honestly don’t have any set intentions for the blog besides keeping it updated and fresh and hoping that more readers come along with that.

7. Who is your favourite marginalized main character? It doesn’t have to be from a book, it could also be from a movie, tv series, games, comics etc. Why is this character your favourite? Marginalization is the process whereby something or someone is pushed to the edge of a group and accorded lesser importance. This is predominantly a social phenomenon by which a minority or sub-group is excluded, and their needs or desires ignored. A marginalized person can be people of colour, the disabled, mentally ill, the lgbt+ community etc.

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite marginalized character but I feel that she fits the slot in the way I see it. Elisa from The Shape of Water seems to me a perfect depiction of this role. Her being mute seems to give people a different perception of her that is true. There are many examples of her being looked down upon and not given the chance to share her thoughts solely because of her impairment. But she’s the one with the most amazing personality and truly cares for every living thing and gives them an equal chance but she doesn’t get the same in return.

8. It is important that marginalized people are given platforms to shine and bring awareness to their movements and plights. If you believe so, why is it important to you?

I agree 100%. I feel that a lot of the issues in the world solely exist because we are not aware of them. Knowledge is such a powerful tool and having minorities to bring knowledge to others about their movement is when change will start to happen.

9. It is crucial that in whatever we do, we should always strive for both equity & equality, what advice can you part with, when it comes to using our platforms to give a voice to the marginalized?

I think the best advice I can give is similar to my last answer and that’s to try and educate yourself on things you maybe don’t want to know about. We tend to shy away from the bad and the cruel but if we did the opposite and reach out, we show interest and appreciation for the movement rather than ignoring it.

10. Last but not the least, what’s your take on the blogging communities? What has been your experience within the community?

I already love the community. It’s so nice to motivate one another to express whatever you want to and not get totally bashed on for it. Sometimes we just need to vent our opinions and in this community that’s totally ok. I get to interact with so many talented and artistic people and it really is amazing.


Catherine is just about really starting out, and her posts are really unique, as it immensely represents her voice. These are three posts of hers, you can start with checking her out.

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Books I Should Have Read Already

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You can find Catherine on Goodreads

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