Literary Blogging 101: Content Creation for Literary Blogs.


Consistently putting out blogging content can be very hard or easy depending on if you’ve figured out your niche(s), what works for you and your schedule. But you don’t have to worry about figuring out your niche since this is a guide for Literary Blogging. Which means your niche mainly deals with the literary world and the fact that there are thousands of people who have literary blogs, content creation couldn’t be easier.

In today’s post, I’ll be listing and explaining various kinds of subjects (lol at my use of that word) literary bloggers can create content on to post about.

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One of the most important things about Literary Bloggers is the fact we write reviews about the books we read, we’re underappreciated marketers of books, because, with our reviews and feelings about certain books, we put it in the faces of other people and more times than not convince a person to get or not get the book. Book Reviews are very important and help draw in readers for and subscribers to your blog.

Quick Tip – You can refer to this post if you need help Writing Book Reviews

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I love memes, they can go from short to very long, but it’s always fun to participate in memes, what are blogging memes?

Blogging memes are a really fun way of sharing information about how you feel about things you like and don’t. Memes feature questions for you to answer that follow a theme. They can also be categorized as a kind of chain letter, as many of them include tagging other bloggers to participate, this is a good way to make friends in the blogging community.

Examples of Memes

Find more memes by visiting these directories Meme Directory 1Meme Directory 2 & Meme Directory 3

There are a huge number of memes out there to participate in as they are daily, weekly, seasonal, monthly and many more categories of blog memes. If you’re starting out or lack content to put out, memes are the way to go but don’t go overboard, as readers get tired of memes after awhile. By the way, Tags can also be considered as memes, so if you see a post with Tag at the end, yes it’s a form of meme too.

Quick Tip – Tagging bloggers on WordPress is easy, but beginners usually don’t know how. It involves hyperlinking, not the blogger’s URL but either a post or any page on the person’s you want to tag blog, that allows the public to leave a comment.

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I love discussion posts! They are very insightful and allows bloggers to share their thoughts and opinions on matters in the community they love, hate or have a problem with. It’s a way to shed light on issues and topics. Discussions post are so fun because they can be about anything, it could be fun, light or sensitive and important. Discussion posts are wonderful that way. All that is needed is you pick a topic and you write your hearts out about it, the end.

Guides: Discussion posts can also be helpful in nature, where you share guides and in-depth how-to tips, for example, I categorize this post in general as a discussion post. Because it’s a very long and helpful guide, which can lead to discussions.

Challenges: There are many reading challengings out there that many literary bloggers can participate in and post about, participating in these challenges give things to talk about such as updates on how far you’ve come in the challenge, your reading lists and challenges while participating.

Wrap-Ups: I love wrap-ups, which are either weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. It’s a long discussion post that breaks down what you’ve been up to during the time span. There’s no rule to it, and you can talk about what you’ve read, how your life has been, wins and loss etc. Wrap-Ups are personal updates.

News: You can create posts about the latest trends and news happening in the community so that your readers can also be as informed as you are, in this sort of posts, your reaction and thoughts about the news may be also included. An example of a post is Books being released that year, month, week or day.

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I love recommendations! They are so helpful you guys. Recommendations can be a list of books you’ve loved and you think fans of a particular genre, book or author would like. About the best books to film adaptations etc. Recommendations are just helpful posts for others, who may find one or many items being recommended useful to them.

Which also brings me to themed lists. Which is us bloggers generating a list filled with useful content, in regards to the theme of the list i.e. 5 Christmas Books You Have to Read, 10 Blogging Post Ideas, Debut Authors I Love etc.

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Involve other people. You can ask other bloggers or anyone who is relevant to your blog niche to write a feature on your blog, for your post. It could be anything a book review, discussion posts, where you have given them a subject on the theme to talk about, it could even be a collaboration. Guest posts are posts written by others specifically for your blog.

Interviews can be a part of Guest Posts, here you have a set of questions, for writers, bloggers, authors, publishers etc. to answer questions that are insightful and relevant to your readers. Interviews are fun ways to getting to know people, for example, I made a mix of the two by hosting my Guest Feature, in which I feature other bloggers, who answer a set of pre-made questions on my blog.

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Blog Tours, or Book Blog Tours, is one of the many ways of receiving an ARC, which means you’re part of the pre-release/promotion plan for an upcoming book. You get a date or dates, where you post about a book on your blog. It could be a Cover Reveal, Book Review, Author Interview or Guest Post, etc. you and a group of other bloggers who signed up for such will get an Advanced Reader/Review Copy (ARC) either in eBook form or physical. For this having a NetGalley account sure comes handy.

There are many Book Blog Tours websites you join or be on the lookout for from other bloggers and publishers because all the blog tours I’ve participated in are from Bloggers or Publishers directly.

Quick Tip – Google Genre Name + Book Blog Tours to see what comes up.

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Many of us literary people, also dabble in storytelling and I love that about us so much because we read, therefore we can apply a lot unspoken but given rules about writing, writers who don’t read don’t know about. I sometimes write poems, flash fiction, short stories etc. And it’s wonderful content to post about, as you can get constructive criticism and honest feedback from readers such as yourself. The wonderful about creative story-telling it could also be both fiction and non-fiction or anything literary as long as it tells a story!

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Have more types of content a literary blogger can create posts about? Why don’t you share them below, so others, as well as myself, can take note and make my own post about! Thank you for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Literary Blogging 101: Content Creation for Literary Blogs.

  1. Such a great list of post ideas Lara!!! I have fallen down with my discussions and so in 2019 I am working to make more discussions happen and not to stress so much so that my creative juices can flow… I love recommendation posts too! Especially when it is about tropes that I love. ❤️ Thanks for mentioning my I Heart Characters! Meme… I’m so glad that it is something fun to post about. 😀

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