Literary Blogging 101: How to Legally get Free eBooks & Books


There are so many ways to legally get eBooks and I really don’t know why everyone isn’t in the know or taking huge advantage of the methods. Okay I know it could be because lack of awareness or people not knowing sources exist but today I’m going to share with you some of the tried and tested methods that worked for me.

On World Book and Copyright Day, I shared an Instagram post in which I spoke about the illegal acquisition of books, which went like:

I see some ebook Instagram stores on here that started following me and my blood boils because I can bet none of them has the right to resell the ebook because really are you paying the publisher or the author their due percentage? I don’t think so.

A lot of people don’t understand that the profit on a book sold is very little, and most times authors get like 10%-30% or even less most times. So when you’re illegally sharing someone else’s intellectual property for your own profit, just know you are a thief, there’s no two way about it. if you call yourself a creative and are all about how you don’t want anybody else to steal your content or your ideas, but you engage in illegal acquiring of books, you’re a big time hypocrite and need to check yourself because #karmaisabitch

I think you get my drift on the topic, so now unto the ways to get you some free books.


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eARC Sites

Netgalley is one of the most amazing sites ever created and is a blessing for many Literary Bloggers. On it, you get your hands on ARCs Advanced Review Copy, which are versions of the book that have gone to some rounds of editing but not the complete final and fully proofed version. These copies are for promotional purposes. So if you haven’t signed up at NetGalley what are you waiting for? Please note that despite there being many free books to read, you still have to request for many of the amazing books from all the big publishers and they have the right to say no to your request if you don’t meet their reviewing standards.

Edelweiss is another site like NetGalley, it’s much more complicated but once you get the hang of it, it’s easier to navigate, but the standards on Edelweiss is, in my opinion, a whole lot stricter than NetGalley, and also a whole lot random.

Book Sirens is a newcomer in the scenes, but once you take their test and join the network, you’ll receive emails and opportunities to read ARCs.

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Online Book Stores

There are so many online book stores, especially the ebooks stores, there are always free ebooks on them, stores such as iBooks, Amazon Kindle Store, Kobo Books & Okadabooks. There are many more stores, but these are the ones that I have tried and tested.


So many people host giveaways on the various social media platforms, especially on Instagram and Twitter, I myself have hosted a couple on Instagram, and I have won a couple from Twitter and Instagram, so Giveaways are awesome ways of getting your hands on free books, both physical and soft.

Emailing Publishers

It’s hard emailing publishers because many times I’ve gotten no response back, but also I have gotten emails back, with approvals and disapprovals. And I have gotten emails without even sending one for a request from these publishers, once you’re on their mailing list or, have been approved via NetGalley, you can get frequent emails where the publicist is asking you to review a book, participate in blog tours etc. Emailing publishers is an awesome way to put yourself out there for free books. Here are some Book Publicity Contacts.

Yes I’m an international blogger and I have received physical arcs and finished copies from big names publishers and indie publishers and authors, all you have to do is put yourself out there and put in the work in your craft. Please find out How to Properly send a Review Request.

Having a Review Policy & Forms

I have a review policy up on my blog, which allows authors or publishers who are interested to also pursue me, by filling out my form. They bring their books to me and if I like it I get it in exchange for my honest review, very fair trade. Learn How to Write a Proper Review Policy

Joining Newsletters

It seems like every other day, I get an email from telling me to download a free book, or, also I sign up for a lot of authors newsletters in which I get many free titles from. Newsletters are awesome ways to stay in the know and get free books, I created an email purposefully for the newsletters I join, you should also, for publishers, authors and bookish sites, you won’t regret it. p.s. BookBub also sends me free/cheap/deals books.

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Hope this post is as helpful as possible for those who need it! Until the next post!

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8 thoughts on “Literary Blogging 101: How to Legally get Free eBooks & Books

  1. And the library too! Sorry, as a library worker have to add that 😉 so many titles on there including new releases all for free!


  2. I was quite vexed reading the part were some book pages on IG make people pay for free ebooks they neither wrote or bought with money. That’s ripping the author and those buying off their money. Too bad really and yea, thanks for sharing more sites to download from.


  3. Great post Lara. I haven’t heard about book sirens yet. That’s cool that you are able to obtain physical ARCs from publisher as an international blogger. I know it’s harder but I’m glad it’s not impossible! 😍


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