Book Review: Stab Love with Flower Stalks by Amethyst Saw

Stab Love with Flower Stalks
Title: Stab Love with Flower Stalks
Author: Amethyst Saw
Publication: June 18th, 2019.
Genre: Erotica, LGBT+ & Adult Fiction

Blurb: Journey through time with a flower goddess as she grapples with love, how its delicate beauty holds her captivated and it’s stem filled with thorns so harsh, brings pain to who seeks to hold it forever.

Get lost with a soul, who has repeatedly travelled through time, listen to the scary confessions shared with a lover, be enamoured by the fluidness of her relationship with love as it’s vividly painted in the poems that comes from feeling the fiery passion that vibrates through her.

Stab Love with Flower Stalks is a collection of 13 flash stories and poems, which are mostly queer romance and erotica, narrating the delicate beauty and jarring pains of falling in love.

Tagged for: POC Representation (Black People), Bisexuality, Sapphic.

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Book Review

Stab Love with Flower Stalks is indeed a collection of love notes, drenched in the distinct art of subterfuge. Amethyst Saw collection is filled with odes to lovers of all kind who embrace the sensual feeling of intimacy and passion.

These notes are ethereal works of art that richly opens up the mind and soul as they sneak up on you like the endless flowing of waterfalls, with no essence of passing time, forever embedded.

This collection is a nudge to women and queerness, with a plethora mix of subtle tones exploring love and sexual liberation. The message I got loud and clear from these notes is to be free, love loudly⁠—whoever we want to, our bodies and embrace our sexualities.

This collection won’t take up to thirty minutes to read, it didn’t take me up to twenty minutes lol, but it took me a couple of rereads to understand and see the beauty, that is Stab Love with Flower Stalks, with its poetic writing style and like I said this book is drenched in subterfuge, so you really have to dissect each word one after the other to for you to connect with the stories in your own special way.

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Amethyst Saw is a creative writer and literary blogger. Her queer erotica, chick lit and magical stories encourage healthy relationships for females, their sexuality and the world. On days she’s not resisting her chocolate and ponmo addictions. Amethyst is reading, photographing books and nature, talking about literature and life. Or honestly, doing all three.

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Okay people, support my gemstone @amethystsaw, because her book is out today!

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