Book Review: Haven by Timi Waters

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Title: Haven

Author: Timi Waters

Publication Date: 23rd, July 2021.

Genre: Romance & Adult Fiction


She’s autistic; he’s gay. A marriage of convenience seemed like the perfect plan. Until it wasn’t.

Tyrell Alagoa, a die-hard romantic, only believes in one thing—loving the right woman. When he found his missing piece in Janelle Lafayette, he wasted no time beginning plans to seduce her.

Then he discovered she was not only engaged to be married to Ahmed Gusau, a northern billionaire and influential politician, but Ahmed had a burning grudge and an unsettled score to even out with him.


The opening chapter of Haven will stay with me for a long time because I wasn’t expecting it. Whatever shocks me instantly wins all my attention, and this was such a great way to have me hooked.

Omo, the characters in this book just used me to catch cruise o. God knows how many times I rolled my eyes, kissed my teeth and stopped reading to do other things before I was mentally prepared to continue reading the book.

I believe the best-written characters in this book were the Gusaus. The terribleness that is Ahmed was well portrayed. Mrs Gusau is the mother figure we all want, and Mr Gusau is the perfect distant rich father who wants to control his grown son’s life.

Apart from the Gusaus, the only other notable character was Jay, and it’s because she’s a high functioning autistic person. I love that autism is one of the main themes in this book. It was enlightening, having to see from her perspective.

Aside from that, may the divine not let love make a fool out of us like it did Jeffrey and Tyrell, and may we not encounter partners like Jay and Ahmed.

Like, from reviews, I’ve been peeping people want to throw hands with Ahmed, but honestly, it’s clear he is the embodiment of a privileged and trashy cisgender male.

It’s Jeffrey who needs sense beaten into his soul because Ahmed was the trashiest partner. If I were the one in Jeffrey’s shoes, constantly disrespected, abused, and left feeling brutalised, I would have left their toxic behind and rid myself of such mental, physical and emotional turmoil.

Jeffrey had his own sha, he’s also an asshole, and it irked me how he was always carelessly outing Ahmed without his permission. Not everyone is comfortable being out, especially when one safety and security is at risk. No matter who you are to the person, you’ve got to respect their wish.

I can go on about the characters, but go and read Haven and feel all the emotions I felt.

Timi Water’s use of language is easy to read. However, I believe this story could have been a bit shorter because there’s a lot of repetition, where characters kept on reiterating things, and I was like, “ahn ahn kilode gan. oga we know nau, o ti to”.

Haven may be a predictable story because I saw and knew everything that was coming, but I still believe you should give this wonderfully African romance a chance because it packs all the drama and wild sex scenes.

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