Book Review: Paradise by Rosemary Okafor

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Title: Paradise

Author: Rosemary Okafor

Publication Date: 23rd, September 2021.

Genre: Romance & Adult Fiction


Lucas the handsome, charming, successful movie star has women falling at his feet. He’s never been a one woman man and his marriage to Muyiwa is a mistake he aims to rectify.

Muyiwa, his devoted wife loves the lifestyle and fame that comes with being Mrs. Lucas. But when the heartbreak hits too far, Muyiwa takes a break at Twin Bliss Resort – to mull over things – and decides it’s time to live on the edge.

Jealousy and fear tears Lucas apart when the tables are turned. Can he win Muyiwa back and reclaim her heart? Will he realize he still loves her or live the rest of his life full of regret?


This is one of the—scratch that, Muyiwa and Lucas are the most dramatic couple I’ve read or watched this year. If you’re looking for a story which definition is drama, this is the book for you! LMAO! It’s like the authors who are writing Twin Bliss stories are packing their stories with all the heat when it comes to messy characters hmm, orishirishi

In Paradise we have a married couple, Muyiwa and Lucas, who are together for all the wrong reasons aka the perfect recipe for a disaster. First off, if you can’t stand the cheating trope, this book is not for you as the male lead is a walking poster for people with undiagnosed sex addiction and a sorry-ass male with an over-inflated ego, who treats women as objects. LMAO, it’s clear I don’t like him already, even his name Lucas fits him very well. If you ever watched Back Chat London back in the day, then you might remember misogynistic extraordinaire who was named Lucas, so like I already attach bad vibes to the name.

Our female lead, Muyiwa, is really one hell of a character. She’s rambunctious and unapologetically loud. She’s that devil be damned fat woman that has developed an extra layer of thick skin made of steel and is extremely confident. It made me mad and uncomfortable when she had to brush aside off-hand comments that were thrust her way and gosh the disrespect from Lucas. I just wish he suffered more than what was dished. Anyway, it’s not like Muyiwa did not know what she was getting into when she married him.

Paradise is a story that is heavy on stereotypes, especially the ones we all hear or have read about the lives of the rich and famous, this of course, made the story sensational and had me raising my eyebrows or shaking my head in some places. While the story itself was interesting to read, I couldn’t gel with the main characters because the focus was on them competing to see who is more problematic towards the other and when it comes to character depth, it was all surface level.

I loved that this book gave me mystery, thriller and a whirlwind of a romance. It’s a well-written book, and the absurdness of the drama that occurs within the book makes it such a page-turner. Once again, if the cheating trope and very stereotyped stories aren’t your cupcake, stay away from this book, but if you enjoyed Haven by Timi Waters, then you’re going to enjoy this even more.

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