Book Review: A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner 

Book A Love Letter to Whiskey Author Kandi Steiner


Published September 25th 2016


It’s too long and I don’t like them 💖 it’s basically a summary of the opening chapter of the story.

My Review

Started On – Dec. 5th 2016

Finished On – Dec. 5th 2016

Oh my God, what did I just read? I’m astonished, this book is so emotionally engaging and it drew me right out of my book slump and emotional troubles.

This is a book I hated but loved. The main characters B and Jamie, are such gems buried in dirt and what a journey their love story put me through.

It starts from the beginning how they first met and spans over years of missed opportunity and heartbreak, right from the beginning even the heartbreaking started.

I got to a point in the story where tears filled my eyes, but I didn’t let it fall, I’m still holding it back as I write this, I can’t let this review wait. I just have to get it out of me, while finishing the book is still fresh.

There were situations where I was screaming at B and Jamie like what the hell are you doing! Like why do you guys like doing this to yourself? Pure torture and yet so much love.

Like seriously the addiction in this story is intense and the title is just perfect. I love the writing and the style used, this is my favourite style of writing, to be honest.

I was going to give this story four stars because of B, but no this story deserves 5 stars, ignore my feelings for B and she said it also some of her actions make her seem like she’s weak and would make us hate her, but in the end I love her more than I hate her.

Reading this book is very vivid, I felt the years in this story, I felt like I was there. I’m just really amazed by this book 💖



13 thoughts on “Book Review: A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner 

    • I also felt the same way, I’ve put of reading it, but one of my good reads best reviewers gave it good ratings and I’m like it wouldn’t be that bad and I’m happy I did

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