My Bookworm Problems

I love books, love exploring the different worlds and stories in the pages of books, books are journeys and I love travelling. But with everything thing in life, there are always little problems you can encounter, especially if you’re like me, an introverted bookworm who has immersed herself greatly in the online book community. Without further ado, I present to you, the few problems I have with being a very active bookworm (especially online)

The Problems

  • Books are my way of socialising, I get to meet, learn about and discover the secrets of new people, I become their best friend because they can’t help but share their lives with me. So that’s why I deem most social gatherings unnecessary unless it has to do with books then it’s very necessary, but who needs to when there are books, right?
  • I know that if I read some books I loved in the past years, I’m going to totally hate them, so I am staying far away from them. The problem is, as I grow older, I acquire more knowledge and it sheds lights on many things, good and bad. I was easily impressed then when I read books, but now it’s very hard to leave a standing impact on me.
  • I could be extremely excited about a book, I’ll even get it, I’ll start it and somehow end up not reading it, until months later (if it’s lucky) and it’s not because it isn’t interesting, something or things (other books) get in the way. Is it just me?
  • Which brings about, the fact that when I make a list of books to read, I end up reading books that aren’t even on the list more than the ones on the list. Anytime I plan to read a book, let’s say I’m about to finish a book and there’s another book I’ve been meaning to read, and I decide this is the book I’m reading next, it nearly doesn’t happen 97% of the time, because although I want to read the book, I find myself reading a book or more before I finally pick it up, which is the case for me reading Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko.
  • I prefer eBooks to physical books. It’s great to have a huge library of physical books because they are so beautiful. But it’s hard maintaining them, I can imagine I’ll have a lot of books, I don’t need, cause I would never read them again, take up so much space, be praying it doesn’t go missing when someone lends it or ruins the book and I can’t carry every one of them with me, if I’m travelling. I’ve noticed that I read faster on my phone and I always have my books with me.
  • This takes the icing on the cake, I’ll be so excited to enter a bookish giveaway…that is until I see US only, UK only, US & CA only and the worst the international giveaway, then you find out that your country is excluded or through  “The Book Depository” “Book Outlet” “Society6” etc. and they also don’t ship to your country…world wide shipping my ass.
  • Shipping is very stressful for me. It is ridiculously expensive, If I want to buy books or anything in general and ship them to my country, I notice it’s always the same price as the item I want to buy or even higher, so I end up not buying it again, only if I close my eyes and just do it, especially because I really want it (I indulged myself and bought me two little live pet mice toys yesterday)
  • This is more of a bad habit, I tend to read more books when I have important school test and exams to read for I don’t know why but it calms me down. I guess I’m just weird.

Well, these are all I could think of on the spot. I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple of months now at least it’s still the same year.

What about you? What little things have you discovered takes away from the pleasure of being a bookworm?

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31 thoughts on “My Bookworm Problems

  1. I’m a newbie to your blog so you may see me popping on older blogs. I make a list and mostly stick to it. I’m from the UK and hate when giveaway say US or Canada only. I read both books and ebooks. much prefer books though.

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  2. The only thing I can think of is that when I read, my mom says I’m not “doing anything”‘ when I’m reading books that are physical, but when I’m reading ebooks then apparently I look busy. So I have these great books from the public library that I can’t ever read!! ☹️


  3. I have some of the same problems on your list too. Especially when it comes to what I’m going to read next. I’ll also have an idea of a book I want to read, then read something else instead. Now, this doesn’t happen to me all the time because I do end up reading those books eventually. But with rereading books I’ve once enjoyed, I find that I still enjoy them the next time around too, with a couple exceptions of course. I don’t know if its because I’m lucky and they are really just good books to me. But I think part of it is because I remember why I enjoy those books, which definitely helps me continue to enjoy them the next time around.

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    • I also end up reading the books, just a certain time may have passed if I’m not cautious. Just few instances do I actually read the books after reading another book. You’re lucky 🙂


  4. I know how you feel about having a list and reading other books. Just so many good books out there. Also, it is normal to read more when under stress because it is a way to escape the unpleasant task of doing homework or studying for tests. They’re so anxiety provoking, reading a book is like smoking a cigarette. It is relaxing, calms you down, takes you away to a place more interesting than the present. Here’s to books!

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    • I used to read books that I was 100% sure would interest me, but this year, I decided to branch out and give other genres and books I wouldn’t dare to pick up a try and it’s been a tough journey.

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  5. I totally agree with your post… Except the e-books part I don’t know why I just don’t like e-books I only read them once and a while and it just doesn’t seem the same to me plus a books batteries never die haha. But honestly it just doesn’t feel right to me I know it really makes no sense but I guess it’s just everyones personal preferences.
    On a side note I have had problem shipping to Canada same thing really expensive, but I recently tried a company called awesomebooks and I use it for buying used book because they are cheaper and the ones I got looked basically brand new. The shipping is quite reasonable, they charge a flat rate per order no matter how many books you order anyways I’ll leave a link to their shipping information incase you might be interested:

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  6. I get the planning to read and than another books pops up that’s more interesting. My TBR list is bursting at the seams. My kindle is full of books waiting to be read. And I still buy more.:-) Often it has to do with starting a book and being bored. How many of the popular pleasers turn out to be letdowns for me. And most often the problem really starts with me. It’s not the books fault, it’s my brain that lost interest, or the writing doesn’t captivate me. Ugh. I wish I would be less picky.

    Sorry about the shipping. Reading ebooks is one of the smartest and cheapest way to read. The paperbacks here in the US at the moment are $17. That’s unbelievably expensive. I can get up to 4 ebooks for that price. Sigh.

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    • Nooo, I am exactly like you. Maybe another time in future it now becomes interesting but in that particular time it just isn’t what you’re in the mood for. eBooks are equally expensive but they are better, because no shipping prices are attached. I think the prices are okay though lol.

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  7. I agree with everything here, I’m exactly the same, I have to feel in the mood to read particular books.
    I’ve joined a reading challenge at novelknight for 2017 beat the backlist, so I’ll see if I can get through my tbr list 🤗

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  8. Oh shipping.. Luckily most websites ship to my country, but then it’s super expensive. I once thought about buying books on Book Depository, which was worth like 20 euros, but then I would end up with twice as much for the shipping! I never buy anything from outside Europe because of it 😦
    Same for giveaways, all. the. time. US only has become one of my least favourite sentences.
    My standards are getting higher and higher, but I’ve got the same problem with my photography, the more photo’s I take the less I like.

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  9. It’s funny because I think back to when Twilight came out, and I hadn’t been reading for a little while so I didn’t have very high standards when it came to writing styles. I read those books so many times, I’m embarrassed to admit. Recently I tried to re-read them and I hated Bella, hated the writing and pretty much everything else about the series. I think the more you read, the higher your standards get, and re-reading some books gets more difficult.

    And shipping…Completely agree!!! I get so bummed when Australia isn’t on give away lists…like, why?!? And then shipping can make a $50 order turn into a $80 one…so I don’t end up buying anything 😦

    Awesome list, I definitely agree I have the same problems!!

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  10. Ugh I am super sorry to hear about the shipping issues 😢 Yeah, I understand about giveaways. I always feel horrible that the ones I have an opportunity to present are US only. Does Book Depository really not ship to you? I was looking at hosting an international one with a book through them after the holidays.. I thought they shipped everywhere!

    I am the worst about buying books and not reading them for months or longer. I also read more stuff not on my list than on haha.

    ❤ this post!

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