Book Series Review: The Princesses by Alexa Riley


Series: The Princess Series

Author: Alexa Riley

Publication: 2017

Publisher: Alexa Riley LLC

 Amazon ▪️ Goodreads

Memorial Day 2019

The books are basically the same, ridiculously over the top alpha-males and whiny, bad at communicating princesses.

The warning is not to poke into why things are the way they are in the book and just read it as it is because if you start trying to be logical when it comes to this series, you’re going to give yours a headache.

I do enjoy reading Alexa Riley, but there was something more than lacking in this short stories, I just didn’t like it. I feel like book two and three were unnecessary and the only books one and four should have been published. My own opinion.

Even if I didn’t like this series, I’m not given up on Alexa Riley, because I do enjoy most of their stories, cause they are ridiculously cute and always have a good HEA.


3 thoughts on “Book Series Review: The Princesses by Alexa Riley

  1. lol – ridiculously over the top alpha-males – I agree 100%!! I think I read two books by Alexa Riley and stopped at that. Like you said it’s over the top, ridiculous and so far fetched it’s bordering on unbelievable as well. BUT I know there are enough readers who love them. They just aren’t the right books for me. 😀


    • I enjoy Alexa Riley, I’m guilty lol, but sometimes it gets too much, like this stories, were like a 360% from the pace they had been taking, like their stories were getting better and then this series just wowed me lol.

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