Meet the Blogger #19: Precious of DAALULOG!

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Meet Precious, she is the blogger behind DAALULOG!

Q & A

1. Hello Precious, please introduce yourself and tell us about your blog?

Thanks for having me. My name is Precious Obiabunmo. I’m studying English and Literature at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. A published author and blogger. I love reading, writing and watching movies. Initially, my blog was just a place for me to document reviews on books I read. Now, it has grown into a space for students. Interviewing successful graduates and organizations whose activities benefit the student. There is also a monthly reader interview series ongoing on the blog.

2. What was the deciding factor that made you go “Yes I am doing this, I’m starting my own blog!” ? Are you passionate about what you post on your blog?

Like i said before, i just wanted a place to document my reviews, stories and poems. I was a fan of run by Kate Scott in SS2. I loved how clean her blog was even though i didn’t really understood most of what she blogged about. But i wanted something like that for myself. Her blog was a deciding factor.

3. How would you describe your blogging style and persona? How meticulous are you, when it comes to the conceptualisation up to the execution of your ideas?

I believe in quality over quantity. So, I post monthly. I try to get personal with my audience too. My audience is mostly students. So, my content revolves around them first before me.

4. What do you want and hope your readers to take from the content you share?   

My blog is for students. My content is about Nigerian student’s experiences. Things they ought to know and do before they graduate. I’ll love my readers to actively comment on the blog posts. They share them tho. But commenting will sort of give me an idea of what exactly they want and don’t want.

5. What is your blogging mojo? How do you stay inspired and motivated to continue running your blog?

I think my readers will answer this accurately.

6. What is your long-term goal/plan for your blog?

 I want my blog to look like I love how original, true and authentic their contents are. It portrays the realities of teens life. I want something like that for my blog. I’ll love to have a blogging team of contributors. I’ll love to play them too. I don’t want them to work for free.

7. Who is your favourite marginalized main character? It doesn’t have to be from a book, it could also be from a movie, tv series, games, comics etc. Why is this character your favourite? Marginalization is the process whereby something or someone is pushed to the edge of a group and accorded lesser importance. This is predominantly a social phenomenon by which a minority or sub-group is excluded, and their needs or desires ignored. A marginalized person can be people of colour, the disabled, mentally ill, the lgbt+ community etc.

I don’t have a favourite marginalized character. But books like ” I’m Lying but I’m Telling the truth ” by Bassey Ikpi ( I read it this month ) has revealed how marginalized people suffering from mental illnesses are.

8. It is important that marginalised people are given platforms to shine and bring awareness to their movements and plights. If you believe so, why is it important to you?

There should be a creation of awareness for these movements. This is important so that people will know that the world is changing, that we are all diverse beings with diverse identities and we have to accommodate it. Movements like feminism, LGBTQ and mental illness need more hands-on deck.

9. It is crucial that in whatever we do, we should always strive for both equity & equality, what advice can you part with, when it comes to using our platforms to give a voice to the marginalised?

This quote from Ifedimma Osakwe is evergreen and timely. We should remember it as we give voice to the marginalized. Empathy is crucial to understand the needs of the marginalized. Empathy requires a leaf of the imagination and an open mind and it is a gift for the person who feels it when it sprouts. There is peace to empathy, soberness, a better understanding of the human condition and the helpless situation in which we are all entangled. It is about seeing your fragility in others. It is a gradual process.

10. Last but not least, what’s your take on the blogging communities? What has been your experience within the community?

Blogging, most times, feels lonely. I guess this is because I don’t really have many friends who are bloggers. Plus I just took blogging serious. So, I still have a lot to learn and experience in the community.


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